windows command processor virus

Windows Command Processor Virus – Removal Instructions

Windows Command Processor is a rogueware program which pretends to be a computer optimization tool that provides reliable information about system threats and warns its users about any computer problems. However, the truth is that this is just another PC virus from the Fakevimes


Totalplushd Removal Guide

At first sight, Totalplushd 3.1 might look like a very useful program, however, in reality things are completely different. Once installed on your PC, your monitor will be flooded with numerous commercials which appear to be useless for you. Unfortunately, Totalplushd is


AlgoChord Removal Guide

The official slogan of AlgoChord is “Enhance your browsing experience with AlgoChord”, however, it appears to be rather misleading. In fact, AlgoChord is just another aware program which is claimed to optimize your browsing experience. Though, the only thing that the

eye perform adware

Eye Perform Removal Manual

Eye Perform is a newly-discovered adware program. Apart from the fact that the application is suspicious, its methods for distribution are questionable as well. Besides, the official website which should provide some information about Eye Perform is not currently working. Based Removal Manual has been considered as a questionable search tool that usually travels bundled with iToolBox toolbar. This browser extension is compatible with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers on Windows and Mac systems. So, search provider changes can be

super optimizer scan

Super Optimizer Removal Guide

Super Optimizer is a system optimizer utility that is promoted via other free downloads. After the program is installed on your PC, it informs you that several problems have been detected on your system. However, if you try to fix these issues, Super Optimizer will state that you

remove wordproser

WordProser Removal Guide

Even though WordProser is not exactly a computer virus, it is still better to remove the program from your system. As this is an adware application, it is capable of outsourcing information without checking whether it is reliable or not. The problem here is that such programs


BrowserAdditions Removal Guide

Despite the fact that BrowserAdditions has been advertised as a very useful program, its activity raises many questions. The first one is why the application is only compatible with the Mozilla Firefox web browsers. This appears to be rather disturbing fact because the removal


SaleBuilder Removal Guide

At first sight, SaleBuilder looks like a decent application, however, that is not the reality. What this program actually does it to deceive potential computer users with its alleged ability to discover useful shopping coupons. Though, the main problem here is that after

itoolbox toolbar

iToolBox Toolbar Removal Guide

iToolBox Toolbar is a browser extension which you'd better remove from your PC. The toolbar is compatible with the main web browsers - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The security specialists consider iToolBox Toolbar as not a reliable application because it