Deal Keeper Removal Guide

Deal Keeper is a browser extension whose claims are that it can provide users with deals and discounts. However, you should not trust it. It cannot deliver on any of its claims. It is very unlikely for any of the advertisements it displays to be useful. In fact, it is more likely


Clean Browser Removal Guide

Clean Browser is an add-on developed to make your web sessions safer. However, the tool turns out to cause problems. The tool is compatible with the browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Once attached to a browser, the program changes its settings


VideoX Removal Guide

VideoX is a program that is supposed to lower the amount of time it takes for online videos to load. However, the application has no such capabilities. It just claims to be useful in order to get users to install it. Once this happens, it will reveal its true purpose. In reality,


Crypto Ransomware Removal Guide

Crypto Ransomware is a dangerous computer infection. It is very similar to CrryptoLocker, CryptoWall, Cryptorbit, among many other intruders. This Trojan horse mainly uses fakes Flash Player installers to spread. Do not click on any banners that offer updates for Flash Player;


Productivitypro Removal Guide

Productivitypro is a browser add-on known to cause serious security problems. The application belongs to SuperWeb LLC. The name of this creator is associated with potentially unwanted programs and browser hijackers. The tool is said to be a search optimization one, but, in fact,


Browser_Apps Removal Guide

Browser_Apps is an adware known to cause security problems once installed on a PC. The tool is attached to the browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox even without being noticed by the users. The tool causes redirects to third-party sites without asking for


AllDaySavings Removal Guide

AllDaySavings is a browser add-on aimed at improving your web searches and leading you to the best shopping offers available online. Although the program seems to be a reliable and helpful browser add-on, the sooner you get rid of it, the better. This application is reported to


SaveNext Removal Guide

SaveNext is a program whose supposed purpose is to provide you with relevant offers that will help you save money. However, programs such as SaveNext are considered to be security vulnerabilities. It is possible for SaveNext to show you some misleading advertisements, which will


Groovorio Removal Guide

Groovorio is an advertisement-supported program. This is a browser extension that is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Thre is an official website for Groovorio –, but it does not offer a working download link. Even so, the


Savings Plugin Removal Guide

Savings Plugin is an adware program, which means that as soon as it is installed it will start to display advertisements while you are trying to browse the web. What is more, this application may enter your computer without permission. Regardless, this application should not