Jcr.driverfind.net Removal Guide

Jcr.driverfind.net is an advertising server that can be used by numerous adware programs to deliver ads to users. The server may have no malicious intentions. Nevertheless, it can be exposed by cyber criminals to display misleading advertisements. What is more, if you see ads by

Heartbleed Removal Guide

Heartbleed is a huge security vulnerability that has been recently discovered. When you find out what are the effects of this issue, it will make your heart bleed. This security weakness is not linked to any particular operating system or services. In fact, vulnerability has


Jdl.findpre.net Removal Guide

The advertising server Jdl.findpre.net can be used by a number of programs. If you have an application using this server, then you will receive a new ad by it each time you go to a new page. If you see ads by this Jdl.findpre.net, then there definitely is at least one adware


Ads by Yula Removal Guide

Yula is an adware program that is best not to keep on your system. Not downloading it, however, is not enough to prevent it from being installed. The program can also enter your computer without your authorization. While it is running on your computer, it will produce numerous


Arcade Frontier Removal Guide

Arcade Frontier is a browser extension that provides users with free access to flash games. The program has an official website – arcadefrontier.com. Although there will be no direct download link, if you click on the PREMIUM tab and then on one of the games, you will prompt a


Api.paltip.com Removal Guide

Api.paltip.com is a server used by PalTip, or paltip.com. This platform can be used by users to earn money. This is done when users send a product recommendation to other people. If it is reviewed and accepted, then the user will receive commission. It is possible for you to


ICE Cyber Crime Center Virus Removal Guide

The ICE Cyber Crime Center Virus is a notorious ransomware infection that locks systems. Once this happens, users will be unable to use their computers while this intruder is present. This infection is yet another variant of the Reveton Trojan. This malware has been detected on


Qone8 Virus Removal Guide

Qone8, otherwise known as qone8.com, is a search engine that you should be wary of. This is a product of Taiwan Shui Mu Chih Ching Technology Limited, and it is related to browser hijackers. While the search engine's supposed purpose is to provide users with relevant online


HQ-Video (HQ Video Profession) Removal Guide

HQ-Video is a browser add-on that can be found using a few names including HQVid1.9v3, HQTotalS, HQ Video Pro, and HQ Video Profession. This is an adware program, which immediately makes it a potentially unwanted program. The name change is a trick by the program to avoid

YoTuberAAdesRemOv Removal Guide

YoTuberAAdesRemOv is an adware program that you should definitely not keep on your computer. While this program is promoted as a helpful program and users can decide to download it themselves, it can also find its way onto systems without their knowledge. This happens when