WebDiscover Browser Removal Guide

Discover Browser Media's alternative browsing solution incorporates some quite useful features (such as in-built VPN that allows you to reach otherwise blocked Web resources, quick acess to Facebook updates , the ability to stream torrent music and videos, and check the weather),


QuickSurf Removal Guide

You should delete QuickSurf without any hesitation because it is a highly intrusive ad-supported browser extension that belongs to the infamous Vitruvian adware family. It is promoted as an on-page help tool which will display relevant Bing results and Wikipedia entries for any


ConvertDocsNow Toolbar Removal Guide

You are advised to remove ConvertDocsNow Toolbar on the spot. It should be enough to mention that it is produced by nobody less than Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc – the company which continuously proves its burning passion for developing malicious browser extensions. Their


HugeApps Removal Guide

It is a matter of enormous importance to delete HugeApps as soon as the ads it over-productively generates begin to signify its presence on your computer. The application is an adware that installs without users' permission as an add-on to their browsers. It is reported to take

DNS Unlocker

DNS Unlocker Removal Guide

You should remove DNS Unlocker regardless of how much you might want to watch a video that is blocked for your country of residence. The application promises to provide a faster, user-friendlier and more private (compared to VPN) alternative for unlocking websites and multimedia


Istartpageing.com Removal Guide

Istartpageing.com is a search engine that assists browser hijackers. This search provider displays supported results that are not necessarily the best matches to your search queries. They are not guaranteed to be safe, either. The developers of Istartpageing.com do not take

remove RotaryTurners

RotaryTurners Removal Guide

Considering its high level of intrusiveness, we strongly recommend you to remove RotaryTurners at once. It is a nerve-racking adware application which enters computers without their owners' consent and manipulates browsers into displaying an excess of third party commercial


MonsonRevenue Removal Guide

MonsonRevenue is a program that offers to help you optimize your browsing. It claims that it can help you find the exact information you are looking for. It also shows you shopping discounts and coupons. The program's services are not considered trustworthy and it is categorized


CoinSave Removal Guide

CoinSave is a program that offers to help you save money while shopping on the web. The tool is available as an extension to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. It shows you various discounts, flagged as “Ads by CoinSave”, “Powered by CoinSave”,


Kikblaster Removal Guide

Despite the claims it is a useful extension for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer that is devised to enhance your browsing experience, you are advised to get rid of Kikblaster as soon as it starts blasting you with barrages of annoying third party commercial