Offer Powered By Removal Guide

Offer Powered By is a label that pop-up advertisements generated by specific adware programs bear. As you may already know, most adware programs come in the form of browser add-ons. So you can easily find them in the Extensions menu on your browser. Offer Powered By ads do not


FromDocToPDF Removal Guide

FromDocToPDF is a browser extension created by Mindspark Interactive Network. It is compatible with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. As you may have already guessed, its purpose is to enable users to convert .doc files into .pdf files. FromDocToPDF will add a toolbar to


QuantumLook Removal Guide

QuantumLook is an adware program that it is best not to have on your computer. After this software is installed on your computer, it will start producing numerous commercial advertisements. This can prove not only to be very annoying, but it may also be really dangerous for the


Linkey Project Removal Guide

The file Semnager can install the browser extension Linkey Project onto your computer. This will lead to some changes being made to your browser's settings. More specifically, your home page and default search engine will be set to While some consider this

RealDeal Removal Guide

RealDeal is a computer program that display various advertisements when the user is trying to browse the web. It will display commercial ads. The application can enter computers using stealth. This automatically means that it falls in the category of potentially unwanted

VideoPlus Removal Guide

VideoPlus is an adware program. This means that it is responsible for advertisements that are produced while the user is browsing the net. These may be presented in the form of pop-ups, banners, and in-text ads. This program can enter systems without permission by users. Once

Vidx Removal Guide

Vidx is an adware program that runs on Mac OS. It is important to remove it from your computer. While it cannot currently be downloaded from its official website,, as it is not working, it may have entered your system before that. This application displays numerous


EZ Software Updater Removal Gudie

EZ Software Updater is a program that we do not recommend having on your PC although it is not a malicious one. Security specialists classify it as a potentially unwanted application due to its activities. First and foremost, EZ Software Updater in most cases enters system

smarterpc Removal Guide is a website whose purpose is to distributed programs that belong to Appround. What is curious is that it is basically identical to Appround, which, of course, promotes the same programs. Among the applications that are offered are Codec Performer, Driver

Caphaw Removal Guide

Caphaw is a very harmful Trojan horse. Once in your system, it can connect remotely to cyber criminals and send them all of your credentials. This way, they will be able to access your bank account, for instance, and steal all of your money. This Trojan also goes by the name