Nt.searchadventure.net Removal Guide

Nt.searchadventure.net is a simple search engine. It only looks for keywords and expressions without supporting any filters. Still, there are some extras around the platform. It shows the date, time and day of the week. To give you the correct information for your geographic

.777 File Extension Ransomware

.777 File Extension Ransomware Removal Guide

.777 file extension ransomware is a descriptive term, used to refer to an unnamed win-locker. The virus encrypts users' personal data. It can render most of the files on your hard driver inaccessible. The .777 file extension ransomware targets custom programs, text documents,


Websearch.searchuniverse.info Removal Guide

Websearch.searchuniverse.info is a simple search engine. It can only be used to look up keywords and phrases. The platform's logo bears a similarity to the logo of Google Chrome. Despite this, there is no connection between the two engines. Websearch.searchuniverse.info belongs


Hotwebfree.com Removal Guide

Hotwebfree.com provides a search engine and shortcuts to a few popular websites and entertainment platforms. The links bar has quick access buttons for Facebook, Outlook, Gmail, Wikipedia, YouTube, ESPN, BBC, Twitter, Booking and gaming websites Rightmove, Good Game Studios and


Trendio Removal Guide

As its name suggests, Trendio provides news coverage. The tool gathers information from the web and covers all of the hottest trending topics. This service facilitates the search process, as the application stores the entire news feed in one place. Trendio is meant to eliminate

Mischa Ransomware

Mischa Ransomware Removal Guide

Mischa ransomware appeared just recently, but it has already stormed a lot of computers on a global scale. The developers of the win-locker have introduced themselves in a way. They are the same people who created another infection called Petya ransomware. There is an unbreakable


WFini.exe Removal Guide

WFini.exe is an adware program. The insidious tool has been developed by a company called WFini Ltd. It can cause a lot of problems on the infected system. The main purpose of WFini.exe is to make proceeds for its developers. The clandestine program serves online advertisers who


Cloudzonetrk.com Removal Guide

Cloudzonetrk.com is a phishing domain. If you load the URL address into your web browser, you will be redirected to the website cpmstars.com/skype.html. As per description, this platform is used for ad serving. Advertisers can use the offered services for monetizing their traffic


Stacktrending.com Removal Guide

Stacktrending.com is an alternative search engine. The platform supports basic keyword web search. It is said to be powered by Google. Stacktrending.com features a links bar, providing quick access to a few popular websites: Facebook, Outlook, Gmail, Wikipedia, YouTube, ESPN,


StartupMaximizer Removal Guide

StartupMaximizer is presented as a helpful tool. It is said that the program can clean registries, cookies and temporary files. StartupMaximizer has a rather simple user interface. It does not provide a lot of information on the tasks it carries out. The tool only lists the