Figure 1. Browsergood Website Screenshot

Browser Good Removal

In case you suddenly notice ads which are labeled as “Ads by Browser Good”, “Brought by Browser Good”, or anything like that, it is a clear sign that your PC has been infected with adware. Browser Good is an advertising-supported application that was developed by the

Figure 1. PCTuner Screenshot

PCTuner Removal

PCTuner is a potentially unwanted program (or PUP) which claims to be an effective system optimization tool. However, if installed on a computer, it soon demonstrates behavior which is not common for reliable and effective security software. The program initiates unexpected scans

Figure 1. Website Screenshot Ads Removal Guide pop-up ads is considered as an adware and a potentially unwanted program. Due to the fact that when installed on your PC, the application can seriously threaten your virtual security, ads has been classified as malicious and it should not be

avc plus removal

AVC Plus Removal

AVC Plus is a fake AV tool that looks like a genuine security application and wants to make PC users believe it is worth being purchased. However, security specialists report that this tool belongs to the Rogue.FakeRean-Braviax family of computer viruses and it has nothing to do

remove systembytes win 8 2015

SystemBytes Win 8 2015 Removal

In case your PC is infected with SystemBytes Win 8 2015, you will find out that your screen is locked and your executable files are blocked, so that you cannot open anything on the machine. In addition, SystemBytes Win 8 2015 will display a warning message which state that a

Figure 1. Critroni Virus Screenshot

Critroni Removal

Critroni is a new ransomware infection known to cause serious problems. The infection is also known under the name CTB-Locker and is detected as Critroni.A. It is able to encrypt files found on the user's computer and makes it impossible for the users to access them. The

Figure 1. CTB Locker Screenshot

CTB Locker Removal

CTB Locker is a ransomware infection that belongs to the Crypto Ransomware family. The malicious software sneaks into computers and encrypts user's photos, videos and documents and makes it impossible for the users to access them. The message that belongs to the CTB Locker

Figure 1. Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked Screenshot

‘Your Computer Was Automatically Blocked’ Removal Gudie

Your Computer Was Automatially Blocked is a tricky notification seen on some infected computes. In case that your PC has become a target of the VirLock ransomware infection, hackers will soon try to take control over the system. This virus is known to lock computers to which it

critoni removal

Critoni Virus Removal Guide

Ransomware is a a type of malware which includes infections that block or encrypt the files on users’ computers, and demand a ransom to be paid to its creators in order users to take control over their files again. If Critoni Ransomware is present on your PC, a warning

Figure 1. Systembytes Win 7 2015 Fake Scanner

SystemBytes Win 7 2015 Removal

SystemBytes Win 7 2015 is a fake antivirus program. The tool looks like a reliable security application, but the truth is that it is created by hackers to steal personal details from users and take their money. Although the program may try to trick you into believing it is a