Removal Guide is as a browser hijacker which is capable of infiltrating your computer while you are browsing the web and trying to download various programs from third-party websites. Be aware that this hijacker not only affects your default homepage, but it also replaces Removal Guide is considered as another intrusive adware application, which is capable of flooding your browser with numerous commercial advertisements that might seriously threaten your system security. As this advertisement-supported program is compatible with the major web


ForTheSchools Removal Guide

If your PC screen gets suddenly flooded with tones of commercial pop-up advertisements, it is absolutely certain that an adware application is present on the system. Such program is ForTheSchools and similarly to many other potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), it is a typical

HomeworkSimplified Toolbar

HomeworkSimplified Toolbar Removal Guide

The HomeworkSimplified toolbar is an extension for Chrome New Tab, powered by MyWay™. Its name is pretty straightforward. The tool is meant to help students in completing their homework assignments. This service sounds very good, but you need to know some details about the


Crinf File Extension Removal Guide

The Crinf file extension is associated to a ransomware program. This virus infects your system by locking most files on it, except for the system files that are necessary for it to function. Most ransomware viruses lock files. This is why they are also referred to as win-lockers. Removal Guide is an alternative search engine. It features the traditional options: web search and filters for images, videos and news. The site can be used in 18 different languages: English, Arabic, German, Spanish, Persian, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Dutch,

Microsoft Official Support Browser Locker

Microsoft Official Support Browser Locker Removal Guide

Microsoft Official Support Browser Locker is a ransomware program. This infection has just recently surfaced on the web. Ransomware viruses are also referred to as win-lockers because they limit the access to the infected computer. The Microsoft Official Support Browser Locker

kilo-search Removal Guide

The website is a search provider. It offers a classic keyword search and a filter for games. The language options for the site allow you to choose between 22 different languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, Hebrew, Japanese, Norwegian, Romanian, Thai, Danish,


Capricornus Ads Removal Guide

Capricornus is a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It is responsible for exposing your computer to security risks and gathering your personal data. The tool creates pop-up ads, promoting various items. The offered goods are usually small, but of high quality. The most common


Bronze Aid Ads Removal Guide

Bronze Aid is a potentially unwanted program (PUP). The tool is supposed to improve your browsing sessions, though it is not elaborated how it does so. The application's website is really basic and only works as a cover-up to try to make people believe that it is useful. The