Seekmx Removal Guide is a website, presented as an alternative search engine. It features the basic functions of a regular search provider. It has three tabs for sorting your searches: web, images and news. The website is available in five languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese


ViPlayer Removal Guide

Allegedly, this software should serve as a universal player which lets you play and organize in categories and lists videos from offline and online sources. Capturing streaming movies directly from the browser would also work like a charm. Sadly, you should immediately get rid of


OfferDeal Removal Guide

Since it will offer you nothing but frustration, we strongly advise you to get rid of OfferDeal right away. Disguising an adware application as a tool that facilitates online shopping isn't an innovation, yet, it seems to still be working. Anyway, you should know that after this


GamingCandy Removal Guide

GamingCandy is classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). As the name suggests, the tool is advertised as a mediator for PC games. It offers various types of games for free. The categories include arcade, puzzle, strategy, shooting, casino, action, driving, sports, board


CoupMania Removal Guide

CoupMania is an adware application. As its name suggests, the program is focused on providing coupons as online shopping discounts. The tool will show you many of them, as well as other types of advertisements for discounted products or promotional sales. You will be overwhelmed

Filex Removal Guide

Filex is an ad-supported program. Once it manages to get installed to your PC, it will attack you with product offers for various goods. The tool displays pop-up ads in the forms of small boxes, full-page ads, banners, coupons, price comparisons and others. It is compatible with


BestArcadeHits Removal Guide

It would be best to remove BestArcadeHits without further hesitation. It is a platform which offers free access to over 3.000 flash games, divided in categories such as strategy, puzzle, action, arcade and sports. Nevertheless, in order to take advantage of its Premium section


Gravity Space Removal Guide

Gravity Space is a program which is supposed to help you find bargain shopping deals on the web. The tool displays coupons, comparison advertisements and other offers for products at discounted or unusually low-priced goods. Many tools offer this astoundingly generous service for

DigitalCleaner Removal Guide

In order to keep your PC clean, we advise you to delete DigitalCleaner on the spot. Like other of the many applications based on the infamous JustPlugIt engine, it is an intrusive adware which can substantially endanger the safety of your computer and the data stored on it. It is


Wander Burst Removal Guide

For anyone who has ever had to deal with computer threats, pointing out that its creators are nobody less than Super Web LLC (a company which is dedicated to make the Internet a densely infested with malware place) would be enough of a reason to immediately remove Wander Burst.