Ads by ShopperFriend Removal Guide

Ads by ShopperFriend is a browser hijacker which is not advised to be kept on users' PCs. However, if this tool has already managed to gain access to your system, you have to uninstall it on time, before it has redirected your browsing sessions to unknown or unreliable sites. Removal Guide may have hijacked your browser in case that you see pop-up ads and notifications while you are surfing the net. As a result, users sometimes happen to land on insecure pages the intentions of which are unknown. The services of this tool are not safe and this is why it

Torrentlocker Removal Guide

Torrentlocker ransomware is a dangerous infection that has appeared recently. It is solely targeted at systems located in Australia. If this intruder manages to enter your computer, it will start encrypting your files, thus denying you any access to them. It has been reported

NetCoupon Ads and Deals

NetCoupon Removal Gudie

NetCoupon is a program that promises that it will provide users with the best deals and discounts for products. This will not require any efforts by the users as the program will do it automatically whenever you browse the web. Although this seems to be a beneficial program, it

Defru Virus Removal Guide

Defru virus has been classified as a rogue anti-spyware due to the fact that it offers fake malware removal services for a certain fee. Besides, the infection uses deceptive information in order to convince computer users they should use these services. In this case, the best

Boleto Removal Guide

If you have ever heard of the Boleto Bancario payment system, you should know that there are several computer infections which are targeted at it and which are named after the system – Boleto. Boleto Bancario is used for transferring money with the assistance of different

remove FlippyRoo

FlippyRoo Removal Guide

FlippyRoo is a typical browser add-on which displays special offers, coupons, web banners, pop-up advertisements, and in-line ads to Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. The application is promoted at, which features no installer of its own. Having in

remove v9 hijacker Removal Tool

The website looks like a regular search engine. It provides with a few search options, as well as some links to popular web pages. However, this should not make you want to trust it. This search engine has its very own browser hijacker. This means that it can be set as the

tinywallet removal instructions

Ads by TinyWallet Removal Guide

Ads by TinyWallet are various advertisements you will encounter if the TinyWallet browser extension has been installed on your computer. These ads will be in the form of coupons and discount offers, and will appear when you visit online shopping websites such as Amazon, eBay,

remove clicup

Clicup Removal Guide

Clicup is another potentially unwanted program which you can accidentally install on your computer. The application is not capable of destroying your whole system by itself, but its presence on your PC, might be a sign that you have numerous potential threats on your system. As