secury-surf-com Removal Guide

The website can be set as your default search engine and home page. This is because the web page has a browser hijacker. In other words, a program has been installed that has changed your browser's settings. The browser hijacker can work on Mozilla Firefox, Google


Advanced Disk Recovery Removal Guide

Advanced Disk Recovery is created by Systweak to be used as a recovery tool for Windows operating systems. The application is also known as a potentially unwanted program, as it is often downloaded to computers without the permission of their uses. Moreover, it may come together


Start Savin Virus Removal Guide

Start Savin is a browser helper object which is installed even without the permission of the user. The tool changes the settings of the browser and thus takes full control over it. The application promises to help you save money when shopping online, but the truth is that it is


System SpeedUp Removal Guide

System SpeedUp is a program that is promoted as being able to repair errors on your system and to optimize it. Thus, the tool will make it run faster. A lot of users rush into installing it as it seems quite useful, and its website,, presents a button reading


Coupon Champion Ads Removal Guide

Although the browser extension Coupon Champion is promoted as a beneficial tool, it is considered to be a potentially unwanted program. Once installed, the application will start generating numerous pop-up advertisements every time you visit an online shopping website. Even


DriverScanner Removal Guide

DriverScanner is a computer helper program which is developed by Uniblue System LTD. The program can be downloaded from its official web site, but there are also cases reported when the tool is installed without the permission of the user. Because of this, it is


Advanced System Protector Virus Removal Guide

Advanced System Protector is a program created by Systweak Software. This application is widely regarded as a potentially unwanted tool even though it is not malicious. However, the services it offers are not all that effective. This can leave your system vulnerable. This program

truthaboutprivacy-com Removal Guide

If you frequently get pop-up or banner ads promoting, then you can be sure that you have an adware program on your computer. You definitely do not want to have any such applications on your system. They are known to display some misleading advertisements


ShopSave.Me Removal Guide

ShopSave.Me is an adware, developed to advertise products which you can find for sale online. The application becomes your search provider and also starts redirecting your web searches to sponsored pages with unknown and insecure intentions. The truth is that these redirects may


Green Double Underlined Links Pop-Up Ads Removal Guide

Green Double Underlined Links Pop-Up Ads are ones that you should avoid. These advertisements may appear on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. While some of them will show users real offers, this cannot be certain for all of them. There is a possibility for