safer web website

Safer Web Removal Guide

Safer Web is a browser add-on that promises to enable users to have fun while shopping online. It is supposed to give users access to coupons that will help them with saving money on their online shopping. Although it is called Safer Web, it will do nothing to make your browsing

fun4im website

Fun4IM Removal Guide

Fun4IM is a browser extension that used to enable users to add various emoticons and characters to emails and instant messages. However, it is no longer supported and is not functional. Still, users may find it on their computers. It has been attached to the installers of


PriceFountain Removal Guide

PriceFountain is another adware program which will flood your monitor with commercial advertisements. Despite being presented as useful for you, these adverts will only disturb your browsing sessions. Thus, the best thing you can do is to delete PriceFountain from your system as website Removal Guide is a browser hijacker which can cause you security-related problems. According to the About Us section at, IST Search is a company that was founded in 2014, and it is “concentrating on providing leading search services, browser add-ons, extensions,


Spellso Removal Guide

If you find that a new website has replaced your regular home page and it has the Spellso logo on it, then you are dealing with a browser hijacker. This program is able to modify your browser's settings. This particular browser hijacker will set as the home page.


ShopDiscounts Removal Guide

ShopDiscounts is yet another program whose sole purpose is to generate numerous advertisements while they are browsing the web. Even though the supposed purpose of the program is to help users save money on their online shopping, it will not be helpful at all. Actually, it may

asterope locker

Asterope Locker Removal Guide

Asterope Locker is a typical ransomware infection that used to target computers from around the world. It is currently inactive, but it is possible for this to change in the near future. Just like most ransomware infections, Asterope Locker managed to enter systems forcefully.

discountplace website

DiscountPlace Removal Guide

DiscountPlace has not been categorized as a serious computer infection, however, keeping it on your computer is not recommended because the program can be exploited by cyber crooks for malware distribution. Thus, if the adware application gets installed on your PC, you should

surfkeepit website

SurfKeepIt Removal Guide

SurfKeepIt is another adware program which provides you with invasive pop-up advertisements while you are browsing commercial and non-commercial websites. The browser add-on displays web banners, coupons and other advertisements and it is compatible with Internet Explorer and

wordextra website

WordExtra Removal Guide

WordExtra is claimed to make word meaning searches less stressful and more seamless, however, its actual function appears to be quite different. In fact, the application has been classified as an advertisement-supported program that has been promoted at its official website,