Sanction Ransomware

Sanction Ransomware Removal Guide

Sanction ransomware is a win-locker. It is also known by the name Rush ransomware. The clandestine program appends the .sanction suffix to all encrypted elements. Sanction ransomware locks documents, images, archives, databases, audios, videos and other file types. The following

CryptoHost (Manamecrypt) Ransomware

CryptoHost (Manamecrypt) Ransomware Removal Guide

CryptoHost ransomware is a dangerous win-locker. It is also known as Manamecrypt ransomware. The nefarious program attacks the victim's personal files. It targets documents, archives, databases, images, audios, videos and other file types. The vulnerable formats include, but are

Everything on your computer has been fully encrypted Ransomware

Everything on your computer has been fully encrypted Ransomware Removal Guide

Everything on your computer has been fully encrypted ransomware is distributed by the Trojan horse Harasom. The program does not have an official name. Security experts have named it after a phrase it uses. A couple of encryption viruses are spread by Harasom. The other was given

Spamhaus Ransomware

Spamhaus Ransomware Removal Guide

Spamhaus ransomware is the first of two win-lockers, spread by the Trojan Harasom. The virus mimics the Spamhaus Project. This is where it got its name. The second win-locker takes a similar approach. It displays a straightforward message, stating: “Everything on your computer

CryptoHitman Ransomware

CryptoHitman Ransomware Removal Guide

CryptoHitman ransomware is a reincarnation of notorious encryption virus Jigsaw ransomware. If you set out to compare the two programs, you will discover that the similarities are evident. CryptoHitman ransomware uses the same black background and green text, familiar from

Apocalypse Ransomware

Apocalypse Ransomware Removal Guide

Apocalypse ransomware is a widespread win-locker. Unlike other infections we have addressed in our recent articles, this virus has been around for a while. Apocalypse ransomware changes the extensions of the files it encrypts. The initial version of the win-locker uses the

Pizza Crypts Ransomware

Pizza Crypts Ransomware Removal Guide

This article is about one of the most recent additions to the win-locker realm. Pizza Crypts ransomware is a program which tries to raise proceeds at the expense of computer users. The virus locks the files on the infected machine and demands a payment to give you your access

Audio to Audio

Audio to Audio Removal Guide

Audio to Audio by MyWay is a toolbar for Chrome New Tab. The application is targeted at music fans. It gives users the chance to listen to tracks from all generations and to view music videos for free. The extension also provides an audio converter. It works with six formats: Removal Guide is a meta search engine. The platform can be used to look up keywords and phrases. does not provide extended search options or filters. The only custom functionality of the website are the language settings. supports several

!SATANA! Ransomware

!SATANA! Ransomware Removal Guide

!SATANA! ransomware is a FS bootkit virus, as it introduces itself. The nefarious program falls under the win-locker category. The origin of the virus has not been determined for certain. The speculation is that it was developed by hackers from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Security