TestSpeeder Removal Guide

TestSpeeder is an adware program which is also popular as SpeedChecker. The program is claimed to assist you checking your Internet speed, however, it actually comes with certain side effects. One of these is the constant displaying of commercial adverts which may cause you some


HowToSimplified Toolbar Removal Guide

HowToSimplified Toolbar has been categorized as a potentially unwanted program which should not be kept on your computer. The browser plug-in comes with multiple additional features that should optimize user’s online browsing experience. However, the toolbar is related to

site ranker

SiteRanker Removal Guide

SiteRanker has been advertised as a useful tool for computer users, however, the truth about it is completely different. In fact, the program turns out to be another unwanted helper that you should delete from your PC without any consideration. No matter if your operating

speed checker

Speedchecker Removal Guide

Speedchecker, or TestSpeeder, is another browser extension that is supposed to test your computer’s speed. As soon as it is activated, the application functions as an ad-supported program and provides you with various online offers. It means that if you do not erase


Vaudix Removal Guide

Vaudix is quite a particular program. Up until recently it was promoted as software that offered video and audio streaming, file encoding and decoding, as well as providing users video files. However, when you go its website now, you will see that it is stated that its purpose is


LizardSales Removal Guide

LizardSales is a browser add-on that promises to inform you about the latest online deals. This way it is supposed to not only save users money, but also time. This looks like it is quite a useful program. However, we definitely do not recommend having it on your computer. The

proshopper virus website

ProShopper Virus Removal Guide

ProShopper is a semi-random name adware application that has been categorized as a potential computer security threat due to the fact that the program can be used by cyber crooks to collect personally non-identifiable data on your web browsing habits. As a result, you could be

saveraddon website

SaverAddon Removal Guide

At first sight, SaverAddon might look like a beneficial program whose purpose is to optimize your online shopping experience, however, the facts talk different. Despite its promises that you can get “discounts and special offers directly to your browser”, SaverAddon appears

searchbrowsing.com website

Searchbrowsing.com Removal Guide

Searchbrowsing.com is known to be a search provider which claims to improve your web searches. The tool's publisher is Bonzuna. However, it turns out that the program causes much more problems than expected. Although the tool is not a virus, it is reported by security specialists

uninstall advanceelite

AdvanceElite Removal Guide

AdvanceElite is a program that promises to enhance the user's browsing. However, it has actually been classified as adware. This means that you should not keep it on your PC. Instead of helping your browsing, it will actually interfere with it. It will just keep generating