Zepto Ransomware

Zepto Ransomware Removal Guide

Zepto ransomware is an alternative version of a notorious win-locker named Locky ransomware. There are three slightly different variations of this virus. The third is called AutoLocky ransomware. The only notable difference about Zepto ransomware is the custom extension it


Search.lexside.com Removal Guide

Search.lexside.com is an alternative search engine. The platform has fewer functions than established search providers, like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search.lexside.com supports filters for images, videos, news and shopping. The website's user interface is basic, although

.JSE File Extension Ransomware

.JSE File Extension Ransomware Removal Guide

.JSE file extension ransomware is a win-locker. It encrypts files and asks for a ransom to unlock them. There has been a sharp increase in the number of win-lockers in 2016. .JSE file extension ransomware targets text documents, archives, databases and multimedia files. The only


Zquirrel.com Removal Guide

Zquirrel.com is an alternative search engine. The platform has a standard user interface and a colorful logo. You can use Zquirrel.com to look for keywords and phrases. The web tab is for unfiltered results. There are filters for images, videos, news and games. Additionally, a

Bold Letters

Bold Letters Removal Guide

Bold Letters is a search optimization tool. The program promises to bring better results faster. There is not much information on its functionality and specifications. Bold Letters may look rather simple and harmless, but it involves substantial security risks. The application

Back to Back

Back to Back Removal Guide

Back to Back is an adware program. It is a product of notorious developers SuperWeb LLC. They have been found responsible of developing a lot of dodgy software. Back to Back looks rather simple and user-friendly at first glance. The tool has basic functions and a simplistic


TopicTorch Removal Guide

TopicTorch is a search optimization tool. You can use the program to search for information on a given website or browse the web. To make for a better use, TopicTorch has conveniently located panels and links. The utility promises to enhance your search speed. TopicTorch supports


Ezexploration.com Removal Guide

Ezexploration.com is a search provider. The website states it is connected to Bing. Ezexploration.com does not support extended options and filters. The platform can only be used to look up information in the basic way. Entering keywords and phrases into the search field should


Attirerpage.com Removal Guide

Attirerpage.com is a meta search engine with basic functions and a classic design scheme. The search options are comprised of filters for images, videos and news. Attirerpage.com supports 20 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Persian,


Youndoo.com Removal Guide

Youndoo.com is a classic meta search engine. The platform has a traditional design scheme and user interface. Youndoo.com supports 20 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Hebrew, Indonesian, Arabic, Persian,