BrowserAdditions Removal Guide

Despite the fact that BrowserAdditions has been advertised as a very useful program, its activity raises many questions. The first one is why the application is only compatible with the Mozilla Firefox web browsers. This appears to be rather disturbing fact because the removal


SaleBuilder Removal Guide

At first sight, SaleBuilder looks like a decent application, however, that is not the reality. What this program actually does it to deceive potential computer users with its alleged ability to discover useful shopping coupons. Though, the main problem here is that after

itoolbox toolbar

iToolBox Toolbar Removal Guide

iToolBox Toolbar is a browser extension which you'd better remove from your PC. The toolbar is compatible with the main web browsers - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The security specialists consider iToolBox Toolbar as not a reliable application because it


SaleMaker Removal Guide

If tones of commercials suddenly start flooding up your monitor while visiting online shops, it means that SaleMaker is already present on your PC. In such case, you might have downloaded the program by yourself, or it might have entered the system without your knowledge. In both


DealOffer Removal Guide

DealOffer is a program that is supposed to offer deals, coupons, and savings offers, which is why most of the advertisements usually show up on,, and other popular shopping websites. However, that is not exactly what the application does. Despite the fact that Removal Guide

In case a browser hijacker infiltrates your PC, there is a huge possibility that you will see instead of your default homepage and search provider. Despite the fact that currently the search engine is not active and the infection is rather old (2011), the

featured deals ads

Featured Deals Removal Guide

If you install an advertising-supported program that is based on Vitruvian engine (for instance, SearchSnacks or HighLightly), advertisements with a label “Featured Deals” might start showing up on your monitor. Also, you have to know that some Multi-plug adware might display

online ad scanner website

Online Ad Scanner Removal Guide

Online Ad Scanner is an application which promises to make your job in the marketing field much easier. However, you should definitely not trust these promises, as it has been categorized as a potentially unwanted program. Because of its suspicious activities and ways of

uninstall search module

Search Module Removal Guide

Search Module is a browser hijacker which changes your default browser settings without any warning. It does not mean that the program infects your computer with malware, but the unauthorized modification of browser settings is definitely not something you should tolerate.


CutThePrice Removal Guide

CutThePrice is a typical adware application, which is capable of redirecting you to untrusted websites. Despite it is supposed to suggest you the best online shopping deals and save time on your purchases, the program is not beneficial for you, thus you should not keep it on your