BetterBrowse Removal Guide

BetterBrowse is a program whose purpose is to provide users with a better online browsing experience. It supposedly has been developed to help you with your online shopping by allowing you to compare prices and by offering you coupons on various websites. It will generate ads no matter if your browser of choice is Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer. BetterBrowse is virtually the same as programs like SquirrelWeb, Fanhoosh, Bizzybolt, etc. These are all considered to be unwanted, and their immediate removal is recommended. The same goes for BetterBrowse. If you notice this program on your PC, then take steps to get rid of it at once.

Even if you have not acquired the BetterBrowse yourself, there are still ways in which the program can enter your computer. Adware such as this is typically found attached to various freeware. If you are not paying attention during the installation process of free applications, then it is likely for you to get som additional programs, as well. And BetterBrowse is no exception. Be extremely cautious when installing free applications. Do not simply skip through all of the windows presented in the installation wizard. To avoid any unwanted programs entering your system unnoticed always go for custom installation. This will provide you with the chance of opting out of installing them.

If BetterBrowse does manage to enter your computer, it will start generating various ads. They will offer you deals, discounts, and coupons. Though, this seems like it can save you money when you are shopping online, not all of the ads may benefit you. Just the opposite, it is very likely that the adware is being exploited by cyber criminals to display malicious ads. The websites these ads will lead you to may attempt to swindle you or to transfer some virus onto your computer. This is why it is best to avoid the ads and to remove BetterBrowse from your computer completely.

As with all adware, BetterBrowse will record various information on your browsing habits. It will acquire your browsing history, search queries, links you click on, as well as the time you spend on any given page. This is, of course, done in order for the program to deliver ads that are specific to the user’s interest. However, this may be more harmful than beneficial. This may actually help you save money, but it also makes it more likely for you to click on some misleading ad. If you do not want to risk your computer’s integrity, then it is best to remove BetterBrowse as soon as possible.

BetterBrowse can be easily disposed via Control Panel. However, manual removal does not always guarantee full removal of the adware. To be sure that all components have been removed, then use SpyHunter’s free scanner. This tool will locate all unwanted files that are left on your system. It will also detect any viruses that may have infiltrated your computer. If there are such present, then the wisest move is to invest in the full version of the reliable antimalware tool. It will remove all intruders swiftly. Once it has done this, it will continue to guard your system against all attacks.

How to remove BetterBrowse manually:

Removal from Windows XP/7:
1. Open the Start menu, and click on Control Panel.
2. Open the Uninstall a Program tool. Uninstall BetterBrowse.
3. Download SpyHunter.
4. Install the tool and launch a full scan to detect any infections that might be residing on your PC. If any are found, SpyHunter will remove them.

Removal from Windows 8:
1. Press Windows key + R
2. Enter “control panel” in the box show.
3. Hit Enter.
4. Go to Uninstall a Program.
5. Uninstall BetterBrowse.
6. Download SpyHunter.
7. Install the tool and launch a full scan to detect any unwanted files or viruses on your computer.
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