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Facebook virus is transferred via spam email attachments, freeware or illegal software downloads. You can also be infected if you click on pop-up advertisements. Even a single click can result in the Trojan-based attacker entering your computer. After it has penetrated your system, it will target your Facebook account.

The virus will try to gain access to your Facebook account. It will go after your login and password, and, after that, it will target other personal details you store on your computer. It will also try to transfer itself to all your Facebook friends.

If cyber criminals acquire your personal information, credit card numbers, financial information, etc., they can steal your money, or even your identity.

There are different version of the Facebook virus, all targeting a different feature of the social network.

Facebook Stalker Virus is an infection which will try to trick you into believing that it is trying to help you discover whether anyone is monitoring your Facebook account. It will direct you to a fake login page with the intent to steal your login and password, and thus hijack your account. If you notice this virus, do not fall for its cunning tricks.

Facebook Automatic Wall Post Virus tries to send you to malicious websites by generating false notifications while you are logged in to your Facebook account. Those websites will be aimed at stealing sensitive information you store on your PC. Do not be fooled to click on any fake pop-up notifications as they may result in a great deal of harm.

Facebook Message Virus is transferred thorough the chat window. It generates a fake link when you chat with your friends. If you click it, your system will be infected, and your sensitive information will be in danger.

Facebook Child Porn Virus is an infection which present itself as a pornographic video. You will get it as a message sent by one of your Facebook friends, and it will probably contain the phrase “watch of you’re interested.” If you should click on the video, it will send the message to all of your Facebook friends.

Facebook Change Color Virus is also spread through the messages feature on Facebook. You will receive a message from a friend that offers you to change your background. The link provided will take you to some bogus web page just so it can increase the page’s traffic, and so schemers could make money. If you click on the message, it will automatically be sent to all of your Facebook friends.

You should be really wary when you receive suspicious messages from your Facebook friends. Do not open any links that seem out of place. If you do, you risk getting your as well as your friends’ sensitive information getting stolen.

If you do happen to open on any of the links, and your Facebook account gets hijacked, you should contact your friends and warn them in order to protect their information and stop the virus from spreading.

Furthermore, if you get infected by the Facebook virus and want to protect your personal and financial information from getting in the hands of greedy cyber criminals, then you should use an authentic malware removal program. We recommend that you use SpyHunter as it will detect and remove all potentially harmful files on your PC.
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