Allin1Convert Toolbar Removal Guide

Allin1Convert Toolbar is a browser add-on that has been developed to enhance the user’s browsing experience. Once it is installed, it will provide with some additional functions on the browser. It will attach a search box, along with shortcuts to Facebook, an online translator, and two online file converters. The toolbar is no threat to your computer, and it will not be installed on your computer on its own. Although it is not malicious, it is still considered as a potentially unwanted program, and it is advised that it be removed from the computer as soon as possible. This is because, by using it, you may be exposed to some virtual threats.

Allin1Convert Toolbar has been developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. There are many other toolbars belonging to the same company. There are numerous examples among them that have proven to be not entirely safe. This is why it is best to do your research before installing any application by Mindspark. You can acquire the toolbar from its official web page for free. If you go to that web page, you will find out what the program does. There, it will be stated that it is compatible with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. But this is not the only way that it gets distributed. It can also be attached to other freeware. This is common practice for a lot of programs. This is why you need to be attentive when installing free programs as not to get any additional applications on your computer.

The search function of Allin1Convert Toolbar is powered by Once you install the browser extension, it is possible for the home page and default search provider on your browser to Although this search engine is reported as reliable, it is no longer being developed. The most worrying part about the toolbar is the advertisements that it produces. These may be presented on your new home page or as pop-ups. There is even a possibility of them being among your search results. It is important to know that these may not always be safe. There is a possibility for them to lead to harmful websites. If this happens, then your system and your sensitive details will be at risk.

If you do not want to be exposed to any online risks by Allin1Convert Toolbar, then you should remove the program. You can do this with the help of the removal guides we have listed below. If you are worried about your system’s safety, you should have a powerful antimalware program. You can use a reliable tool like SpyHunter. It will protect your computer at all times and against all sorts of threats.

Removal from Internet Explorer:
1. Open the Tools menu and go to Manage add-ons.
2. You should be on Toolbars and Extensions. Find Allin1Convert Toolbar and disable it.
3. Now, click Search Providers on the left side.
4. Delete the unwanted search provider and select another one as your default search engine.
5. Save changes and close window.
6. Open the Tools menu again.
7. Go to Internet Options, under the General tab, instead of the current address, enter another web page. Click OK.

Removal from Mozilla Firefox:
1. Open the Tools menu and click on Add-ons.
2. Select the Extensions menu and disable Allin1Convert Toolbar. Close the tab.
3. Open the Tools menu again and go to Options.
4. Under the General tab, enter a new home page address instead of the current one.
5. Click OK and close the menu.
6. Go to the Search box at the top right corner of Firefox window and click on the search engine icon.
7. Click Manage Search Engines. Remove the unwanted search engine and select another one as your default one.
8. Click OK.

Removal from Windows:
1. Open the Start menu and go to Control Panel.
2. Open the Uninstall a Program (Add/Remove Programs) tool.
3. Find Allin1Convert Toolbar and uninstall it.
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