FunMediaTab Removal Guide

FunMediaTab is an extension for Chrome New Tab. The tool is meant for people who enjoy watching television. It allows users to watch full episodes of their favorite series from their desktop. Apart from TV channels and shows, live sports broadcasts can also be accessed. The streaming service is available from all locations which gives users mobility. FunMediaTab supports custom media search. When you install the tool, your newtab and default search settings will be changed. The program promises to add useful links to your web browser. Having your custom settings altered does not qualify as a requested service. The program applies changes without your agreement. It presents them as an enhancement. In reality, they will not improve your browsing sessions. The unauthorized tasks FunMediaTab conducts are for the benefit of its developers. Upon installing the tool, you will discover that it works on its own initiative. FunMediaTab displays pop-up advertisements to promote shopping deals. They are unrelated to its original purpose. The offers may not be relevant to your interests. Even if they happen to be, you should avoid them. The ads lead to websites with unconfirmed security. The tool also has the ability to track your sessions and gather data on you. Security experts have categorized FunMediaTab as adware.

The official website of FunMediaTab is There is a flashing download button on the homepage. It leads to the extension’s page in the Chrome web store. Although the application is hosted on a reliable platform, it has a poor reputation. Severe infections have been put up for download before their true nature was revealed. Furthermore, FunMediaTab does not limit its source of distribution to a single platform. The adware uses other means to get spread to more computers even without the users’ wish. It often reaches out to other programs, such as freeware and shareware. FunMediaTab can travel in a bundle with another application. It will be offered as a bonus with the main software. You should never agree to have additional tools included. They may not be reliable. Read the terms and conditions of every program you install to check for suspicious options. Another way for the adware to get access to your machine is through a spam e-mail. The shady tool can latch onto an attachment from the letter. Recognizing spam e-mails is not always easy. The sender can copy the logo and contacts of a reliable entity to trick you. The best indication about the reliability of an electronic letter is the e-mail address. The spammer cannot send a message from an entity’s official account. He will register a fake account.

Download Removal Tool for FunMediaTab

FunMediaTab has been developed to render its own settings. The adware launches on system boot and commences doing its scheduled tasks. The purpose of FunMediaTab is to raise revenue. Since the tool is free to use, it needs another way to achieve its goal. The concept of adware is to support third party content. The program displays pop-up advertisements, showing bargain deals and discounts for various items. You will receive offers for technological devices, apparel, accessories, furniture, games, interior decorations, household appliances, sports gear and others. The ads come in different formats, including banners, coupon boxes, in-text links, freebies, contextual, interstitial, floating, transitional, comparison, inline and full-page ads. The developers of FunMediaTab use the pay-per-click system. They receive a commission for every user-generated click. It may seem mutually beneficial to have a tool inform you about exclusive offerings. However, there is a risk involved. FunMediaTab does not scan the content it forwards your way. Any of the ads could take you to a corrupted website, spreading malware. There is another risk we need to address. The adware tracks users’ online activity and collects input from their sessions. Depending on the information you have entered into your online accounts, the consequences can vary. The shady program can access personal and financial data which should remain confidential.

You should have FunMediaTab removed as soon as possible. There is a detailed guide at the end of this article to help you uninstall the clandestine program. Another measure you should take is to scan your machine with an antivirus utility. Adware programs often make registry entries to leave a door open for themselves. These entries increase the operating system’s vulnerability to attacks from other malware.

Remove FunMediaTab from your browser

Remove FunMediaTab from Chrome

Step 1: Remove FunMediaTab add-on
1. Open the Menu.
2. Go to More Tools and select Extensions.
3. Find the unwanted add-on and delete it by clicking on the trash icon.

delete Chrome extension
4. Click Remove on the displayed confirmation window.

Step 2: Change the homepage
1. Open the Menu and go to Settings.
2. Go to AppearanceShow Home buttonNew Tab page – Change
3. Choose the website you want to see for your home page and click OK.

change Chrome homepage
4. Right-click on the Chrome shortcut icon and go to Properties.
5. Check if the Target of the shortcut is correct.

Step 3: Change your Search provider
1. Go to Menu and open Settings.
2. Find the Search section on the Settings tab.
3. Choose your default search engine from the drop-down menu or go to Manage Search engines.
4. Select the search provider you prefer for your search engine, select Make default and click Done.

Remove FunMediaTab from your PC

Windows 8
1. Press Win+X and navigate to the Control Panel.
2. Go to Uninstall a Program and select the unwanted tool from the list.
3. Click on Uninstall to delete the application.

Windows 7
1. Open the Windows Start menu and go to the Control Panel.
2. Go to Uninstall a Program and delete it.

uninstall program

Windows XP
1. Open the Windows Start menu and go to the Control Panel.
2. Open Add or Remove Programs.
3. Locate the unwanted program and delete it.


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