How to find and delete a file in Windows XP or Vista?

Want to stop a process on Windows XP or Windows Vista? Click here How to stop or kill a process in Windows XP or Vista?


Are you having difficulties in finding certain files you want to get rid of? Here is the simple and easy-to-follow instructions on how to look for files.

1. Go to START.

2. Click SEARCH.

3. Click on “For Files and Folders…


4. From “What do you want to search for?” list on the left, click on “All files and folders.”

5. Type the filenames on the search box, and choose the “Local Hard Drives” (normally, it’s C: drive).

6. Click on “Search“.

That’s it!

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You need to find and delete a certain file on Windows Vista or Windows XP? How to do that? How to Find and Delete a File in Windows Vista or Windows XP?


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  1. Lisa says:

    Also during my file search ive found a group of files that are highlighted in blue…could these be the files im looking for?

  2. Jimmy says:

    Okk to all that need help with this IF you have Norton 2009-2010 or whatever i quick scanned my computer found the software that i needed to delete and it deleted it so Norton Antivirus should work but if it doesnt i cant help you becuz it helped me….

  3. Royal says:

    i dont like this any more

  4. kevin says:


  5. Nelson says:

    i let my my wife use my work laptop and some how she intalled this stuped antivirus live. but thanks to you guys im getting it fix since i now the date and time that my wife used the laptop i was able to find the .dll file and .exe file i just went into search and typed *.dll and separated them by date and found the matching date, that file was created at the same time my wife used the laptop and changed the name and then erased it.i did the same with *.exe files. these let me have some time on start up to install a antivirus and now im try to get scan the whole system wish me good luck

  6. Barbara says:

    My computer has been invaded by Internet security2010( while we were asleep so I can’t blame my husband even though he was the last to use it last night)!. I’ve tried the above methods…searched and tried deleteing and renaming however I keep getting that it can’t be renamed or deleted as it’s in use. the file is IS2010.exe. Any help appreciated.

  7. pamela says:

    in my start panel.. there isnt anything that says search… where do i go?

  8. Erik says:

    I did what Christopher told me to do. However, when I write del it says its an unknown command and that it cant find the software called malware defense. What am I supposed to do?

  9. mike says:

    this makes no sense

  10. jimmy says:

    this is typical internet BS a page full of all sorts of questions and no real answers i have a trojan win 32 patched. dr (v) i have tried most of the suggestion on the page above before i came to this site and none of them work simple why does’t this site post answers

  11. katrina says:

    im having tha same problem as barbara. Can someone PLEASE give us some advice

  12. katrina says:

    im having the same problem as you. have you fixed your problem yet? if so will you please pass on the info. this is driving me crazy

  13. Jeremiah says:

    Here’s what I did…started computer in safe mode – then went to start->Search->all files and folders.
    Don’t type in what your searching for. but make sure your looking in your local hard drive C:
    press search.. go get a bite to eat while it loads ^.~ ..
    When it has loaded, scroll to the right where it says “Date Modified” at the top. click it to list all the files by date modified. find the date in which you received the virus, and to be more specific, the time.
    After you have your list of files, right click them one at a time, and click on “Properties” the bottom it will tell you when the file was created, and when it was modified. If the file was created on that day, you can delete it, if it was created a long time ago and modified on that day, be careful about deleting it.

  14. carol says:

    I can’t even get online on my laptop the worm win32 netsky has really destroyed my laptop can I purchase something to remove this.

  15. shister says:

    I have the same problem as Barbara and Katrina.. nothing has worked to get this bug out of my computer. McAfee is absolutely no help. have no idea how to get it out.. any suggestions please email me!!

  16. stcy says:

    3 words backup reformat reinstall

  17. gordon says:

    i have vista security blocking my internet explorer can anyone give me some info on ridding this thing from my laptop please as i have little knowledge of computers . thx

  18. jovan says:

    THX 4 ur tip Jeremiah…. trying out to save my com

  19. Mike B says:

    If you google internet security 2010, you will find articles on the files to be deleted. This spyware will go so far as to prevent your antispyware from launching to actually giving you bad versions of web pages for help. For instance, I can’t even launch Norton or install spyhunter/avast, etc.
    I’ve wrestled with this for 2 nights and many hours to now.
    Tonight, I’m getting the list of files to delete, starting in safe mode, and performing some big-time deletions.
    I’ll let you know how it goes.
    I’d love 5 minutes alone with the author(s) of this malware … they’d never use a keyboard again!
    Word to the wise … if you purchased Internet Security 2010 online, or went to and bought something called Vista Security 2010, call your credit card company NOW. You were NOT at

  20. Mike B says:

    By the way, has anyone tried the Windows Restore function yet? Definitely drastic, but I have used it successfully before.

  21. Mike B says:

    Okay, I’ve given up trying to delete files.

    I am currently restoring my PC to a point in time prior to this @#$% fiasco.

    Don’t bother trying Start > All programs > … to find a restore command. re-boot your PC and hold down/click on the F8 key.

    Take the ‘Repair my PC’ option and follow the prompts to resotr your PC to a time prior to the first time you noticed this garbage on your PC.

    It’ll take a while … be patient … I’m still waiting (about 10 minutes).

    Finished … restarting …

    PC is making happy noises again … no annoying antispyware icons in the menubar tray … this looks good folks!

    I’d STILL pay good money for 5 minutes alone with the prick(s) who wrote this garbage!

    Don’t screw with your registry if you don’t know what you’re doing … go the Restore route.

    Good luck!


  22. Cami says:

    Hey, I just got the thing today and this comment from Ben helped me and seemed to do the trick:

    Hey, I’m Back Again.

    Still Have A Healthy Computer, Now Just Trying To Help. Everybody! Just Use The Windows System Restore. Got Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore. From There, Choose A Restore Point, And Then Let Windows Do All The Work. It’s Worked Every Time For Me.


    Thanks and good luck!

  23. jackie says:

    one problem, im using windows vista and it doesnt have search on it

  24. henry zhang says:

    to close the icon blinking in the lower left go to windows task manager and go to processes. after that look for av.exe description av and end it.

  25. Esteban says:

    This new virus called Vista Antivirus Pro 2010 interrupts system restore and forces it to fail. Now im scouring my computer trying to find the files for this virus. Its quite annoying. Anyone have any tips?

  26. James says:

    Guys, ihave this virus on one computer which I have shut down and disconnected from the Internet. Will I’d affect other computers connected to the same network and can I lose personal detail from those too, even if the virus is on my main computer only,

  27. katherine says:

    I may sound stupid. But I can’t perform step one and two because I can’t find the search where I can click on: for files and folders! When I click the start button, it shows a thing where I can type all sorts of thing for search, but it doesn’t say: for files and folders!
    I’m sorry can anybody help me? I’m really worried about my computer now…

  28. Bo says:

    does any1 know the file name for the XP antispyware 2010??? its just goin crazy and i cant find the file

  29. Alyson says:

    I have the XP Antispyware 2010 on my computer and I am struggling on what to do. I did have all the pop ups and the icon was on the taskbar, however now there is no sign of the virus. However, I am struggling to open programs. Whenever I try to open something the “open with” manager pops up, even when I try open firefox. I am not able to open up any microsoft office programs, it says error-application not found. Anyone who can help, please, I have lots of homework due tomorrow!!!!

  30. mark says:

    Can anyone help. I got the antivirus vista 2010. I have a norton 360 and for some reason it didn’t detect it to protect me. How can I remove this thing? It keeps giving me the pop open just to open an explorer asking what program do I want to open it with. I called customer service and they are asking me to pay them to help remove the virus. WTF? What is the point of buying the norton 360 if it’s not going to protect me and just ask me to pay again. HELP

  31. bobbi says:

    Yeah; I’ve spent 4 hrs. today trying to get the fuckin’ red screen off! I’ve done scans from Microsoft Security Essentials and Malprobytes, and neither has done a goddamn thing!
    To hell with Windows!

  32. Ross says:

    How do I delete an automatic MS update that is “stuck” in the queue – looking for Explorer (which I do not use)?


  33. Tasmee says:

    i don’t no wat to do….in instruction #3. it says type the files….wat files??!?!?!?!?!?!

  34. Kiel says:

    I’m getting scrolling “infiltration alerts” from the bottom right and left of my screen. telling me I’m being attacked from the internet, the gives me the “threat”, the “attack from” and “attack port”. then asks me if I would like to have winiguard stop this attack. I don’t have winiguard and it seems too shady for me. what can I do to remove these attacks? obviously norton isn’t protecting my computer for shite. Think I can get a refund? But more so, what can I do to remove all attackers?

  35. Jonas says:

    What if spyhunter, malwarebites and spy doctor doesn’ work?

  36. Sandee says:

    Yaa im sooooo confused here. What filename?? And first the virus was security tool and now it jus changed to PC defender. This is sooo frustrating!!

  37. Dillon says:

    I have a Vista and I don’t even have a Files and Folders section.

  38. Andrey says:

    I have Vista and insafe mode I can not see the mentioned above processes or have a file search options.
    In normal conditions I can not get access to the Internet and download any files

  39. Andrey says:

    I even can not turn on Windows defender. What kind of Defender is it?

  40. Andrey says:

    Back-up and restore center does not work in Safe Mode

  41. Linda says:

    I don’t even have a Files and Folders section

    This may help you find Files and Folders:

    TO FIND go to “SEARCH” and scroll down to OTHER OPTIONS and you will get Files and Folders

  42. SAM says:


  43. N says:

    Thats only for windows XP. There is no fucking “other” search option.

  44. diego says:

    well can someone help me i just got a new lap top && has the Security Tool Virus & i dont know how to delete it.
    Can someone help me?

  45. Basil says:

    how do remove windows debugging agent from your computer.

  46. Basil says:

    please help me

  47. Aman says:

    Yeah now it is call http://www.get-answers-fast.(com) and it’s a search engine/browser hijacker. I will be doing nothing and a few minutes later it just starts sending me to all kinds of (fake)name places. Very annoying and it seems all these (I will save you -spyware- company can not fix it either, but will take your money. Oh well, WTF, nobody seems to have the right answer. *If U system restore*, that will ONLY hold you over awhile, it will come back, it has to me!!! Not the solution.

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