How to make Windows Vista log on automatically?

For security reasons, Windows Vista disables auto logon by default. If it happens that you are the only one who uses the computer, you might want to get rid of the annoying logon screen and have your machine log on automatically. You can easily accomplish it. Here’s how:

1. Press “Windows Key” + “R” to bring out the RUN dialog box, and then type “netplwiz“.

2. Uncheck “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer“, then click on “Apply“.

3. When you see the following dialog box, type the password twice, then click “OK“.

4. That’s it. Next time you start or restart your Vista machine, it will log on automatically.



  1. degaz says:

    Nice shortcut for Vista…great tip.

  2. Nya says:

    I just bought this computer and Anti-virus for my computer. It seems as if the damn thing isn’t working. I am tired of the pop ups and signs warnings…when will it ever end. Instead of finding the damn recepit for authorized code I start sending bogus messages to my Windows Like “Why don’t these damn Virus people commit succide” or “Leave my damn windows alone.” I will be finding a way to avoid these Virus Issues Period. Iysha (fake name)

  3. kevin alfaro says:

    nice thank u a olt for those wonderful tip

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