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JS/Exploit-Blacole (also known as Exploit:JS/Blacole) is a hazardous Java code that targets vulnerabilities in the Java Runtime Environment component, which is a part of Java SE and Java for Business, both developed by Oracle. Once inside the PC, the intruder will exploit the backdoor in the programs, thus making it possible for it to execute its malicious code.

Research shows that the origin of the harmful code is somewhere in Russia. Its purpose is to infiltrate computers with older versions of Java on them. The virus is spread through various web pages developed by hackers. If you visit such a page and your version of Java is vulnerable to attacks by the virus, then it will easily download itself onto your computer. What is more, it is reported that the hazardous code uses different names in order to disguise itself.

Here are some of the names that it uses:

  • Image.class (seen as Exploit-Blacole)
  • ExtResolution.class (seen as Exploit-Blacole)
  • Zoom.class (seen as Generic Exploit!c2w)
  • g43kb6j34kblq6jh34kb6j3kl4.jar
  • Mover.class (seen as Exploit-Blacole)
  • TContainer.class (seen as Exploit-Blacole)

JS/Exploit-Blacole will target all of the sensitive information that is stored on your PC. It will go after personal details, login credentials, passwords, credit card and online bank account information, and anything else that might be used to generate profit for cyber criminals. Another thing, that the malicious code is responsible for, is the botnet herder that will control your PC. Note that not all antivirus programs are capable of detecting JS/Exploit-Blacole when it has infected your system.

Once JS/Exploit-Blacole infiltrates your PC, it will install a bootkit. This bootkit is responsible for the constant redirects you will experience while doing your regular browsing. Install SpyHunter to remove the virus. After it is installed, it will perform a full system scan, and remove the virus along with all other intruders it finds on your computer completely.

1. Download and install SpyHunter.
2. Launch the program and run a full system scan.
3. Remove all of the viruses that SpyHunter has found.
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