Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows XP / Vista

(TIPS) Here’re some of the most frequently-used keyboard shortcuts for Windows:

Windows + R                                     Open “Run” dialog box
Ctrl + Shift + ESC                              Open Task Manager
Ctrl + ESC                                          Open Start Menu
Windows + M                                     Minimize all active Windows
Windows + F
                                     Open “Search”
Windows + E                                      Open “My Computer”
Shift + Delete                                     Delete files permanently
Shift + while insert CD                       Prevents CD from running autoplay



  1. Terabanitoss says:

    You are The Best!!!

  2. Metacore says:

    How do I unregister them? Specifically the Win X key I used to use to increase the volume on my XP with AutoHotKey.

    Can you atleast tell me what too look for in the registry? I figured if I searched for the mobility center.exe(what ever it’s called) it will come up, but no luck.

    Any suggestions? Please help!


  3. Melvin says:

    I have sent Shortcut Icons to the Recycle Bin and then deled the Shortcut Icon. The “Shortcut Key” assigned to that Icon will not work on another Shortcut . Windows does not see the Shortcut Keystroke as unused and now available. It seems to be a glitch in XP Professional.

    Do you know of a way to regain the use of these keys?

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