Livesupport Pop-Up Removal Guide

Livesupport Pop-Up is a message that may appear on your desktop. This notification will say that your security software is not registered. It will further claim that there are risks for your system and that you need to install a reliable security tool to keep it safe. The message will offer you offer you assistance by security specialists in order to take care of the problem. However, this notification should not be trusted. There are no actual threats on your system. This pop-up message has been developed by cyber criminals to trick you into paying them money for some bogus service.

Livesupport Pop-Up will infiltrate your computer unnoticed. It will do this by exploiting vulnerabilities in your security and such in outdated applications. It can also be bundled with unreliable programs, or it can come as an attachment to spam emails. No matter how this intruder manages to enter your system, once it has done so it will start showing the user this message. This infection will try to convince you that you do not have a genuine antivirus tool on your PC, and thus it is vulnerable to the vicious attacks by hackers. Then, it will offer you to take care of the problem as well as any other problems with your security. To do this, you will have to call so-called trained technicians who will supposedly help you.

Here is what the message will say:

Certified Trained Technicians are standing by waiting to assist you resolve all of your PC issues
Call us now for instant Technical Support and Assistance for PC issues such as network, printer, software installation and much more.

The whole purpose of this infection is to trick you into calling the number it has provided. If you do call this number, do not be surprised by the hefty phone bill you will receive at the end of the month. When you call this number, you will be charged with much more money than for a regular call. This money will go directly to the people who have sent the intruder. This message can also be seen when the 24×7 Help Virus has infected your computer. It is important not to call the number given as you will not receive any useful service whatsoever.

If this Livesupport Pop-Up is present on your computer, then it is necessary that you remove the virus. To do that, it is best to implement a reliable malware detection tool. Use SpyHunter as it is an effective tool that will perform a full system scan and remove Livesupport Pop-Up as well as any other intruder from your PC.

Manual removal should not be attempted by the layman user. Unless you have extensive knowledge of systems and computer viruses, you risk damaging your files and even the whole system. Furthermore, by going for the manual option, you can never be entirely sure that you have removed all malicious files. If you have missed any of the infection’s files, then pretty soon the pop-up message will appear again. Because of these reasons, it is recommended that you go for the for the option with the automatic tool.
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