Malware Blocks Spyhunter or Access to Internet

Security specialists report that there are malware applications which make it impossible for the user of an infected PC to download a reliable and effective security application such as SpyHunter.

How To Install SpyHunter If You Are Offline

If your PC is infected with a computer virus, the intruder may make it impossible for you to download or install SpyHunter. To solve this problem, you have to follow the Alternate SpyHunter Installer link that you can see below. To do that, you need to use a clean computer. Then, copy the SpyHunter executable file to some removable storage media (flash drive, CD-R, etc.). The next step is to install SpyHunter on the infected computer.

How You can Recognize Hard-to-Tackle Malware

If you want to know whether your PC is infected with malicious malware, there are some symptoms which can help you to understand that. These indications refer to malware infections which are able to clone themselves and start without letting you know about their presence and intentions.

If you see some of the following symptoms on your PC, you may need to follow some other method to download SpyHunter.

  • There are no updates for your AV program

  • Changes are not permitted in the system settings

  • You cannot see the Folder options

  • Your current security application is not running

  • Your Internet connection is too slow or you cannot open some pages

  • You notice that some of your files and programs are missing

  • You cannot restore your system

  • There are many pop-up warnings which imitate reliable security messages, but, in fact, show fake information

  • You cannot start Windows in Safe Mode

  • You have a slow computer work

  • You see that your browser displays web pages which are not related to your search criteria. Instead, a list of advertisement web pages is displayed

  • Web sites which contain security related information cannot be displayed

  • There are unknown icons on your Desktop

  • The Task Manager and computer registry seem to be disabled

To Download an AV application, Use a Different Web Browser

If you want to find a reliable security application on the Internet, but you cannot download it or install it, and you are using Internet Explorer, the problem maybe that the computer infection may be aimed at finding vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer. This trick the malicious intruder may use to make it impossible for you to download files. To overcome this problem, you have to use some other web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

Hosts File Hijacking May Be the Reason for Your Problems

Control over Internet browsing is made through the Windows Hosts file. However, this is a vulnerable part of the system as it may easily become an object of hackers` attacks. Changes in the Windows Hosts file may lead to inability to view some web pages. Moreover, the user may be redirected to some compromised web pages without his approval and knowledge.

You can find the Windows Hosts file in the following directory C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and fix it from there. If you cannot find the file in this location, check if the “hide protected operating system files” option in the “Folder Options Control Panel” (for Windows XP OS) is checked. Uncheck it to be able to see the “hosts” file.

For Windows 7 and Vista OS you have to open that Start menu and then choose All Programs, then Accessories, right click Notepad and choose Run as administrator. Open the “hosts” file and modify it as needed.

DNS Cashing has to be Disabled

To restore access to the Internet and view blocked web pages, you have to make sure that DNS cashing is disabled. This can be done in the following way:

For Windows XP

  1. Open the Start menu

  2. Click Run

  3. Type in “net stop dnscashe” and then choose Enter

  4. After you see the message “The DNS Client service was stopped successfully”, type in Exit

For Windows 7 and Vista

  1. Open the Start menu

  2. Type “cmd” in the search box

  3. Right-click on “cmd”

  4. Choose “Run as administrator” and then Continue in the “User Account Control prompt”



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    All antispyware pmrroags have problems stopping rogue applications, Security Shield is one of these. Scammers repack and push new variants very often, so there might be a situation when you have a fresh sample and any antispyware program can not detect it. However, most of the time Spyhunter or Spyware Doctor detect these rogue security pmrroags. Just give it a try. +6Was this answer helpful?

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