MyCoups Removal Guide

MyCoups is a browser extension which is in no way harmful to your computer on its own. Although it may be a legitimate tool, it still is categorized as a browser hijacker. The add-on may lead to serious troubles for your system, so it is best to remove it as soon as you can.

MyCoups travels bundled with various freeware. The application is immediately installed along with your wanted program and is attached to browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Once installed it will take over your browsers and change their settings. It will change your home page to its own website, as well as change your default search engine.

By managing your searches, the tool will constantly redirect you to unknown websites. MyCoups work with third party websites. The third parties pay MyCoups to display their sponsored links and advertisements. MyCoups cannot always check whether it promotes websites managed by hackers or not. This means that, if you click on any of the sponsored links, you can be sent to a website managed by hackers and get infected by one or more of their viruses. The attacks attempt to steal sensitive information that you store on your computer, such as personal details, credit card numbers, online banking accounts and passwords, etc.

MyCoups will also produce various pop-up advertisements, that can also be exploited by hackers in order to infect your system with a virus. Do not click on any of the pop-up ads.

As you can see, using MyCoups is literally begging for trouble. You should remove it as soon as you possibly can. We have provided a guide on how to do that below.

Follow the instructions to remove MyCoups from your browsers and computer. Removing the unwanted extension will not be enough to guarantee your system’s safety. To check whether some other infection has not made its way onto your system, use SpyHunter. It is a reliable malware detection and removal program that will locate any infection on your computer and remove it promptly.

Removal from Internet Explorer
1. Press Alt+X and go to Manage add-ons.
2. Go to Toolbars and Extensions, and remove MyCoups.
3. Click Search Providers on the left.
4. Remove the unwanted search engine and designate another one.
5. Save changes and close window. Press Alt+X again.
6. Go to Internet Options, under the General tab, replace current home page address with your desired one. Click OK.

Removal from Mozilla Firefox
1. Press Ctrl+Shift+A to open the Add-ons Manager tab.
2. You should be on the Extensions menu, click Remove next to MyCoups. Close the tab.
3. Press Alt+T, and go to Options.
4. Under General tab, replace the current home page address with your desired one.
5. Click OK and close the menu.
6. Click the icon in the Search box at the top right corner of Firefox window.
7. Click Manage Search engines, remove the unwanted search engine and designate a new one as your default search engine.
8. Click OK.

Removal from Google Chrome
1. Press Alt+F and scroll over Tools.
2. Go to Extensions and remove all MyCoups related applications via the trash can.
3. Click Settings on the left, under On Startup, select Open a page or a set of pages.
4. Click Set pages, remove the current home page address and enter your desired one. Click OK.
5. Under Search, click on Manage search engines.
6. Set any search engine as your default one, and remove the unwanted one.
7. Click Done.
8. Restart the browser.

Removal from Windows:
1. Open the Start menu, go to Control Panel.
2. Open the Uninstall a Program tool. Find MyCoups and uninstall it.
3. Download SpyHunter.
4. Install the tool and launch a full scan to detect any infections that might be residing. If any are found, SpyHunter will remove them.
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