PC Optimizer Pro Removal

PC Optimizer Pro is a fake optimization tool aimed at stealing users’ money and information. Despite the fact that this program looks like a genuine and reliable application, it has nothing to do with legitimate software and it is created by online criminals to compromise your computer and gain access to your sensitive details.

Although this application seems to be a reliable security program and its layout is similar to this of genuine AV tools, further tests show that it is unable to protect users’ computers. Users have to pay attention to the numerous pop-up warnings produced by the intruder. These warnings always lead to asking the user to purchase the registered version of the tool. Also, do not forget that you may not have asked for the installation of the unknown software, but it may have entered into your computer without looking for your permission.

What is PC Optimizer Pro?

PC Optimizer Pro is a bogus tool and it has nothing to do with effective security applications. This is a rogueware intruder, which has entered your PC together with Trojan horses. It enters computers together with freeware software or is downloaded from malicious sites.

Once the fake computer optimizer is downloaded to your PC, it starts displaying false warnings and tells you about serious system errors and problems. Although none of these notifications is true, the messages are really scary and try to mislead you into thinking you need to buy the full version of PC Optimizer Pro.

These are some of the warnings displayed by the scam intruder:

Name: taskmgr.exe
Name: C:\WINDOWS\taskmgr.exe

Suspicious software activity is detected by PC Optimizer Pro on your computer.
Please start system files scanning for details.

Moreover, the intruder scans your system without your permission and impedes your work. Although the attacker claims your system is seriously infected and there are many problems with your PC, do not be beguiled.

None of these notifications is reliable. All of them are shown only to scare you and take your money. In case your details and money are sent to hackers, there will be no way to take them back and stop cyber criminals from using them to accomplish their malicious plans.

How to remove PC Optimizer Pro?

To remove PC Optimizer Pro, use a reliable and effective security application like SpyHunter. Our team of security specialists have successfully removed PC Optimizer Pro with the help of this anti-virus program.
Remove PC Optimizer Pro virus

PC Optimizer Pro is Extremely dangerous

PC Optimizer Pro is a fake Anti-Virus software
PC Optimizer Pro may display phony security messages
PC Optimizer Pro may recover its files, spread or update by itself
PC Optimizer Pro may install additional malware to your computer
PC Optimizer Pro may spread via Trojans
PC Optimizer Pro violates your privacy and compromises your security


PC Optimizer Pro Manual Removal Instructions:

Important! Please read carefully before trying to apply this removal guide: Although one can manually remove PC Optimizer Pro, such activity can permanently damage his computer if any mistakes are made in the removal process, as advanced malware is able to automatically repair itself if not correctly removed. Therefore, manual malware removal is recommended for experienced computer users only, such as IT specialists or certified system administrators. For other users, we recommend using Spyhunter, because we tested it against PC Optimizer Pro and it had more than 90% removal success removing different versions of the parasite.

Stop These PC Optimizer Pro Processes:

(Learn how to do this)


Find and Delete These PC Optimizer Pro Files:

(Learn how to do this)

%AppData%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\PC Optimizer Pro.lnk
%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\PC Optimizer Pro.lnk
%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\pc optimizer pro\PC Optimizer Pro.lnk
%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\pc optimizer pro\Uninstall.lnk
%ProgramFiles%\pc optimizer pro\pcophelpfile.chm
%ProgramFiles%\PC Optimizer Pro\PCOptimizerPro.exe
%ProgramFiles%\pc optimizer pro\PCOptimizerPro.exe.manifest
%ProgramFiles%\pc optimizer pro\PCOptProCtxMenu.dll
%ProgramFiles%\pc optimizer pro\PCOptProTrays.exe
%ProgramFiles%\pc optimizer pro\uninst.exe
%ProgramFiles%\pc optimizer pro\UpdatesDll.dll
%windir%\Tasks\PC Optimizer Pro.job

Remove These PC Optimizer Pro Registry Values:

(Learn how to do this)

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\PC Optimizer Pro
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