Please Install HD Player to Continue Removal Guide

The message Please Install HD Player to Continue is not a virus, though it is widely referred as such. It is actually a bogus warning you might see if you are on a malicious website. When you see this warning message, you should also notice an Update button in the lower right corner. If you click on it, it will download infections to your computer. Disregard any message that suggests you instal a HD Player. What you should do, if you see this message, is to scan your computer for any infections using an authentic malware detection program.

The goal of the Please Install HD Player to Continue Virus pop-up is to install malicious applications on your PC. This pop-up will use drive-by downloads to infect your PC. This means that it will make install a program for whose purpose and intentions you do not know. By clicking the Update button in the pop-up, you give your consent to have adware and malware installed on your computer.

The specific adware and malware will rely on the goals of the cyber criminals that implement them. A toolbar may be attached to your Internet browser. If this happens, then your default search engine and home page will be changed. If the program you download happens to be adware, it will generate constant pop-up messages. And if you click on any of them you will be redirected to suspicious websites. There is also a chance that a Trojan is installed. This means that your the sensitive information on your computer will be exposed to a great risk. The Trojan will acquire your information, and deliver it to cyber criminals. You will have no way of stopping this, too. Another effect caused by the Trojan is to burden your PC’s performance.

Avoid going to any suspicious web pages in order not to get infected by any such viruses. You should be particularly wary if websites that offer free applications.

Now you know that Please Install HD Player to Continue Virus is not a computer virus, but a website one. In case some shady application has been installed on your computer, then it would be best to use a reliable security tool to remove the unwanted program. Use SpyHunter as it has proven its effectiveness when dealing with all kinds of infections, and it will take care of this problem with ease. Run a full system scan using the security tool, and remove all found infections. Furthermore, SpyHunter will also ensure your system’s safety from any future attempts at infecting it.
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