Removal Guide is a search engine that provides with its own toolbar. If the toolbar is installed on your computer, it will alter some of your browser’s settings. This way, it will be able to take over your browser. Then, it will start redirecting you to various third-party websites some of which may turn out to be insecure. If you do find yourself on such a page, then your computer will be targeted by numerous infections. As this toolbar may lead to devastating consequences for your security, it is recommended that you get rid of it as soon as possible. hijacker will most likely make its way onto your PC unnoticed by you. When you download free programs from insecure sources, they will probably have some other program bundled with them. This is how hijackers may easily enter your system. As soon as the unwanted application is installed, it will take over your browser. Now, will be your default search engine, and it will have control of all of your searches. The toolbar will start transferring you to unknown websites with unclear intentions. Some of the websites may merely offer you some product, or deals, or coupons, but other websites may turn out to be misleading. They will have harmful computer viruses on them waiting to pounce on unsuspecting victims. If any of these manage to get inside your system, there will be a serious risk of your information being stolen.

You must prevent cyber criminals from acquiring all of your personal details, usernames, passwords, financial and other sensitive information. Then, schemers will be able to use your information for their personal benefit. Another way in which you may end up on an insecure web page is by clicking on one of the many pop-ups that the toolbar will display. The pop-ups will offer you deals and offers on various products. However, some of the them may mislead you into visiting unsafe websites. On these pages, you may be tricked into downloading scamware, or the pages may directly transfer malicious infections onto your PC.

In order to stop the redirects and avoid being sent to potentially harmful websites, you must remove the hijacker from your computer. We have provided a guide that shows you exactly how to do that. Follow it and you will have successfully removed the browser hijacker from your computer. Due to the risks that the hijacker exposes your system to, it is also strongly recommended that you use genuine antivirus software to check your system with for any intruders. Use SpyHunter as it is a reliable tool. It will locate and delete all infections that are currently on your PC. This way, you will ensure that your system and information are kept safe.

Select the guide that corresponds with your browser and follow the steps precisely to remove the hijacker.

Removal from Internet Explorer:
1. Open the Tools menu and go to Manage add-ons.
2. You should be on Toolbars and Extensions. Disable all unknown add-ons.
3. Now, click Search Providers on the left side.
4. Delete the unwanted search provider and select another one as your default search engine.
5. Save changes and close window.
6. Open the Tools menu again.
7. Go to Internet Options, under the General tab, instead of the current address, enter another web page. Click OK.

Removal from Google Chrome:
1. Press Alt+F. A menu should appear.
2. Go to Tools and then to Extensions. Delete all unknown add-ons.
3. Click Settings on the left side of the window, under On Startup, select Open a page or a set of pages.
4. Click Set pages, replace the current home page address with another one. Click OK.
5. Find the Search header, click on Manage search engines.
6. Remove the unwanted search engine and replace it with any other one. Click Done.
7. Restart the browser.

Removal from Mozilla Firefox:
1. Open the Tools menu and click on Add-ons.
2. Select the Extensions menu and remove all unfamiliar extensions. Close the tab.
3. Open the Tools menu again and go to Options.
4. Under General tab, enter a new home page address instead of the current one.
5. Click OK and close the menu.
6. Go to the Search box at the top right corner of Firefox window and click on the search engine icon.
7. Click Manage Search Engines. Remove the unwanted search engine and select another one as your default one.
8. Click OK.
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