SearchYa Toolbar Removal Guide

Has your home page been set to Then that means that SearchYa Toolbar has been installed on your computer. The browser add-on will also set the website as your default search engine. During SearchYa Toolbar’s installation process, you will be asked whether you want these changes to happen. You must pay attention as these options will be checked by default. Because many users tend to simply skip through the installation wizard, and are surprised to find that these changes have been made after that.

SearchYa Toolbar will set its own website,, as your home page and default search engine. This will cause sudden redirects to unfamiliar and suspicious web pages. These activities by the toolbar are not something that you should take lightly as some of the pages you are taken to may prove to be compromised or malicious. If you land on such a page, then you will be infected by all sorts of dangerous viruses. And if this happens, all of your sensitive information will be targeted and stolen. Then, you will be helpless to stop it from being used for malicious purposes.

You must stop these redirects in order to prevent your system from being infected and your information from being stolen. To do that, you must fully remove SearchYa Toolbar from your computer. Removing SearchYa Toolbar will also stop the irritating pop-ups that it generates. These are also dangerous as they too could contain links to compromised or malicious websites.

Follow the instructions listed below. They will show you exactly how to remove SearchYa Toolbar in order to stop the harmful redirects. After you have removed the add-on, it is important to scan your computer with a reliable security tool, such as SpyHunter. This way you will make sure that no intruders have entered your PC, and if they have, SpyHunter will remove them immediately.

Removal from Mozilla Firefox:
1. Press Ctrl+Shift+A to open the Add-ons Manager tab.
2. You should be on the Extensions menu, click Remove next to SearchYa Toolbar. Close the tab.
3. Press Alt+T, and go to Options.
4. Under General tab, replace the current home page address with your desired one.
5. Click OK and close the menu.
6. Click the icon in the Search box at the top right corner of Firefox window.
7. Click Manage Search engines, remove the unwanted search engine and select another one as your default search engine.
8. Click OK.

Removal from Internet Explorer:
1. Press Alt+X and go to Manage add-ons.
2. Go to Toolbars and Extensions, and remove SearchYa Toolbar.
3. Click Search Providers on the left.
4. Remove the unwanted search engine and select another one.
5. Save changes and close window. Press Alt+X again.
6. Go to Internet Options, under the General tab, replace current home page address with your desired one. Click OK.

Removal from Google Chrome:
1. Press Alt+F and scroll over Tools.
2. Go to Extensions and remove SearchYa Toolbar via the trash can icon.
3. Click Settings on the left, under On Startup, select Open a page or a set of pages.
4. Click Set pages, remove the current home page address and enter your desired one. Click OK.
5. Under Search, click on Manage search engines.
6. Set any search engine as your default one, and remove the unwanted one.
7. Click Done.
8. Restart the browser.
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