Skype Virus Removal Guide

Skype Virus is a harmful infection that uses the reliable messaging service Skype to spread other dangerous viruses. The virus has been developed by cyber criminals to trick Skype users into downloading other infections onto their computers. The actual name of this virus is Skype_Worm_Im [Backdoor IRC (snk).

Skype Virus will try to trick you into downloading malware, scamware, spyware, Trojan horses, or other harmful infections yourself by presenting you with links to Of course, the user will think that they are downloading something entirely else, but it turns out that is not the case. The links you will receive will start with and will have some random characters after that. Know that provides legitimate services. It is a cloud storage website that allows users to upload their files on the Internet. However, the files that are uploaded are never checked for privacy reasons, which is good if you want to upload any private files. But that means that viruses can also be uploaded to it.

Skype Virus will add an unknown contact to your Skype list that will start sending you messages. Here are some of them:

Is this you??
Picture of you???
Tell me what you think of this picture
This is the funniest picture ever!
I cant believe I still have this picture Someone showed me your picture
Your photo isn’t really that great
I love your picture!
What you think of my new hair color?
What do you think of my new hair?
You look so beautiful on this picture
You should take a look at this picture
Take a look at my new picture please
What you think of this picture?
Should I upload this picture on facebook? Someone told me it’s your picture

You must be wary of any such messages received from unknown contacts. Avoid all links that you receive from people you do not know. Otherwise, you may easily be infected with malware, spyware, keyloggers, or other harmful infections. Do not open any links that are sent by such contacts, and do not even respond to them. If you do notice such suspicious activities, then know that your PC has been infected by Skype Virus. This intruder must be removed immediately. Otherwise, you risk even more viruses infiltrating your computer.

The surest and safest way to remove Skype Virus and all other intruders from your PC is by using a reliable security tool such as SpyHunter. This application will detect all malicious files and remove them. This way, your PC and all sensitive information on it will be protected from any attacks.
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