Stij.exe Removal Guide

The Stij.exe is malignant computer infection that corrupts your Windows operating system. Even though this particular component is not associated with some sneaky Trojan or bogus anti-malware tool, it is a part of some controversial tools such as SweetIM, IncrediMail, and Smailbox. The origin of these tools seems to be Perion Network Ltd, so you should not be surprised if you find the executable operating alongside with other products of the company, like IncrediBar or SmileBox).

So, why is it so important that you remove stij.exe at once? The executable is usually located in C:\Windows\System32\jmdp (%WINDIR%), and it seems to be responsible for a number of tasks. It could potentially lead to a variety of pop-up ads to showing up on your screen. This is highly important to tools such as SweetIM (categorized as adware) to access your desktop and flood it with various fake advertisements. Stij.exe is also able to create and delete system processes, modify Virtual Memory and Physical Memery Protection; thus, weighing down your computer and causing it to struggle. This infection could also be a potential threat to your virtual security, it can use HTTP protocols to create links to remote servers.

When stij.exe is deleted manually, there is a great chance that it could regenerate or be replaced by a similar malicious component, because of the other infections it has already caused. All of the applications listed above use multiple executables, system and dynamic link library files. If you are not able to identify, locate, or delete them all, we wholly advise you to get an automatic spyware detection and removal program to do the job for you. SpyHunter is a very good tool for the job, and it comes highly recommended.
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