Trojan.Win32 Removal Instructions (updated)

Though the Internet is a great necessity nowadays, it has gradually become the main playground for mischief. Cyber criminals have placed their wicked creations everywhere, lying in hide for the most convenient moment to attack a vulnerable computer. There are countless security threats and working online seems to be a hazardous task, but some of the viruses can be avoided or even eradicated relatively easy from a computer in case they manage to enter it. One of these viruses is the Trojan.Win32 or also known as Trojan.Win32.agent.

Trojan.Win32 targets Windows users only. It mainly aims at stealing personal information, and on the way of obtaining it, it sometimes even manages to crash the corrupted system completely. Unfortunately, this malware is capable of hiding itself extremely well, and this is its trump-card since a lot of time may pass before the victim notices the infection.

Trojan win32 uses a variety of strategies in order to creep into a PC. The main two, however, are fishy websites and strange pop-ups. Sometimes it might be difficult to differentiate between a legitimate website and a corrupted one, because hackers become more and more crafty every day and they do not invent a single website to hide a particular virus. Trojan.Win32 is laid in a number of seemingly unsuspicious websites, therefor, you should be extremely cautious when following links, especially if they come attached in an e-mail (even one from a friend) and as part of pop-ups. Exactly strange pop-ups are the second, and most common, method for transmitting the Trojan.Win32 infection. These pop-ups appear suddenly, while you are browsing the Internet, and their text may be of any nature as long as they seem luring enough to make users click on them. However, even if they are warning about a potential threat to your computer safety, you should not click on them, because this is the way to trigger the Trojan.Win32 virus.

The Trojan.Win32 installs itself without the victim’s permission or knowledge and once inside, it immediately starts threatening the attacked computer system’s security by downloading or uploading files, logging keystrokes, watching the user’s screen. In some cases, it can also totally crash the system before the user is even aware that there is an intruder in their PC.

Though removing Trojan.Win32 is not that complicated and almost all legitimate anti-virus programs can remove it, it is discovering you have been infected that is tough. The main symptoms of a Trojan win32 infection are:

  • constant pop-ups;
  • changed default homepage;
  • excessively slow Internet connection;
  • disabled firewall (provided that it has been turned on prior the infection);
  • crashes of the system.

In case you notice some of these signs as part of your PC’s behaviour, immediately run a full scan of your system with a genuine anti-virus application or a registry cleaner. What should be noted here is that it is very important to act right on time in order to prevent Trojan.Win32 from stealing your private data.

Manual Trojan.Win32 Removal Instructions:

Unregister Trojan.Win32 DLL Files:
(Learn how to do this)

Find and Delete these Trojan.Win32 Files:
(Learn how to do this)

Remove Trojan.Win32 Registry Values:
(Learn how to do this)


Variant: Trojan.Win32, Trojan.Win32.agent.akk and Trojan.Win32.Obfuscated.gx

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  1. Xav says:

    didn’t find any of the files listed aboved,,, but i do have the spyware on my pc…

  2. Henry says:

    I didn’t find any of these files on my pc either.
    That’s weird.

  3. Devon says:

    Didnt find any of these files…

  4. Eamonn says:

    I didn’t find any of these files either, my zone alarm has told me to go onto google and search for trojan.win32 spyware removal and i see that it asks me to download Spyhunter. I download it and scan, finding the viruses and then find out that having to delete the viruses i have to buy the fucking software. So is there anyway i can delte the files without buying this software?

  5. Amish says:

    Download a pirate copy. Oops.

  6. me says:

    I have tried several times to delete this win 32 trojan with my antivirus but is it safe to just go in and delete the files or are they tied to something important?

  7. Genius says:

    You don’t need an antivirus for this one. After hours of tracing this virus (7 to be exact), I found that it was booting and using the file “setup2.exe”. Find that file and delete it. You won’t have anymore problems… unless it comes back. Oh, and there might be a second one there, too. Delete that also. It’s a clone moved somewhere else in the computer to make it harder to get rid of.

  8. jan says:

    where do find the file for setup2.exe and also the clone that genius mentioned and how do fix need instuctions

  9. Kim says:

    I seem to have been infected with some program that is trying to get me to buy anti-spyware. It keeps popping up with all these infection warnings.
    There is a file c:\Program Files\PersonalAV that I want to delete but it is giving me an error message to say “cannot delete PAV.exe. Access denied” and it isn’t listed in my Add and Remove programs.

    How can I get rid of it???? Please help.

  10. Leah says:

    1.Open My computer, choose Disk C;
    2.Find the folder Program Files\Common Files\Uninstal\PAV\Uninstall.exe;
    3.Run the file Uninstall.exe


  11. Jny says:

    how to remove win32/tojanDownloader.Agent trojan

  12. sky says:

    I want to thank you for the information on getting rid of the antispyware soft tag that
    found its way in to my computer, funny Norton
    didnt find it, and another i/o bit security
    found it but couldnt get rid of it. This file
    was labeled Adobe__activex__update.exe All security was active but still got thu. Your procedure worked like a charm and got rid of it.
    I was also able to get rid of the files locked
    in the Adobe directory that was the balance.
    thk Sky

  13. Myself says:

    How do you get rid of Win32 ZAccess.ER? I’ve looked everywhere but there is no free or easy way to get rid of it and my antivirus and Malwarebytes do nothing

  14. Ron says:

    It won’t install on my computer properly. When I try to remove it from my downloads folder it wont’ let me do that either.

  15. Debbie says:

    every single file on my external harddrive has a duplicate that is 1.67mb in size. I have run my windows anti virus program, installed and run a trojan win32 virus scanner program and still cannot get rid of these files. if i just delete them they re-appear when i plug in the harddrive again. PLEASE HELP!!

  16. IC says:

    Trojan is indeed very dangerous. It can steal precious data that may cause anyone loss valuable things. Credit card, time and money.

  17. Killian says:

    how do I get rid of Win32/MpTamperSrp.A? none of my security programs will either find it or remove it, PLEASE HELP!!

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