XP Security Center (XP SecurityCenter) Removal Instructions

XP Security Center Descriptions:

XP Security Center 3.6 (or XP SecurityCenter), claims to be a comprehensive and all-in-one solution to guard against spyware, but itself is a spyware-driven product that screws up your computer and puts your privacy at risk. XP Security Center usually disguises itself as a video codec or ActiveX control plugin, then installs onto your computer with your notice and consent. Not only does XP Security Center degrade the performance of your computer, it invades your privacy and data. It is extremely important to remove all the components of the XP Security Center and all trojans that it might have come together (such as zlob.trojan, trojan.vundo and Trojan.Downloader).

To effectively remove XP Security Center Popup, we have created a manual removal instructions which is easy to understand. Make sure you backup all important data before you proceed. Here are the things that you need to do in order to remove XP Security Center.

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Manual XP Security Center Popup Removal Instructions:

Unregister XP Security Center DLL Files:
(Learn how to do this)

Stop XP Security Center Processes:
(Learn how to do this)

Find and Delete these XP Security Center Files:
(Learn how to do this)
XP Security Center.exe
XP Security Center.lnk

Remove XP Security Center Registry Values:
(Learn how to do this)
Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\XP Security Center.exe

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  1. Nate says:

    I downloaded SpyHunter and it listed the every dll associated with XPSecurityCenter, yet none of the ones listed above were what SpyHunter found. The dll’s I had were:


    The files it found:


    All the dll’s I listed are files as well.

    I searched for all the dll’s that are listed on this site (mp3avi.dll, VideoMP3.dll, PowerVideo.dll, etc.) but I could not locate any of them. What’s up?

  2. Dean says:

    The Program will create a dll based on other programs running, so these will vary based on the PC infected.

  3. Ã…ke Svensson says:

    It is impooible to unregister dll files from XP Security Center because DLL Unregister Server is not found.

    What to do?

  4. Shanika POllard says:

    Dear XP Security Center

    My name is Shanika POllard and I had a virus on my computer and seen the option to but the Virus protection on line with my credit card it gave me a confirmation number which i did not paste and copy onto the computer, can someone please contact me so I can get this resolved and cleaned up. My contact phone munber is (415) 756-7117 and email address is Shanikatpollard@yahoo.com

  5. Jess says:

    you guys how do i delete them?
    e-mail is jessi_gurly123@hotmail.com

  6. tasheya harris says:

    i wanted to recieve a refund because i did recieve pop-ups and the spyware did not clear the virus that was on my computer

  7. Eriku Skoorb says:

    That whole thing is a virus. The only thing I’m having trouble removing is the registry parts. It’s a good virus, especially since people pay to download it.

  8. Bruno says:

    Has anyone been successful at removing this damn virus? These instructions on how to remove are bogus. I can’t find anyone who’s been successful yet.

    Oh, and whomever gave out your credit card number you are retards. That’s the whole point of the virus is to get your money. You need to cancel your card and get another because these people have your info now.

  9. R. Nolan says:

    Sirs. Last nigth i have told you to get your God Dam programs XP Security Center out of my computer that you have infected. I am giving you until noon today (august 20) to restore everything thing. If not, i will give instruction to my lawyer to engage a poursuit against you of many thousends dollars.
    Be sure to understand my message because if you dont do anything it could cost you much.

  10. Letiņš says:

    Just a suggestion (the way I did it)
    Follow the instructions and do whatever applies to your PC. After that, download the SpyHunter 3. You can buy the tool as only the scanning is free – removing is in full version only. The tool is powerful and good. But you can browse your C disk and perform the removal manually as well. BUT that`s for advanced users only. Do that on Your own risk :-)))

  11. N.E.Ergsel says:

    Why does not someone just write a good old-fashioned DOS “search and destroy” batch file to delete these unwanted files?
    I am an old DOS warrior but due to a lack of use, over many years, have lost the ability to do this myself and am therefore uncertain that I could do it without causing harm. There must be someone out there who knows better than I.

  12. Icecycle says:


    Could be done except; NT, 2000, XP, and Vista just will not run pure DOS and DOS (say, 7) will not handle NTFS.
    However a half assed compromise would be a directory tree walker (I remember writing one) that attempted to open files as binary, noted the ones it could not access and provided the user a list.
    Then a selection could be deleted at start up.
    (None of that would fix all the registry changes.)

  13. Marcel says:

    On my PC the virus was identified by McAfee, but somehow McAfee got mixed up as well. I appeared that a manual McAfee scan cleaned it all up. In the end I just re-installed McAfee, no data lost.

  14. wayne says:

    i am very unsuccessful with removing this virus from my computer their system doesn’t reconize the registration code.

  15. You until 9:00pm today 09/09/08 to remove this shit from my computer. You have infected my computer, you took my money off my credit card you took $74.90 I registered and the system is not reconizing the registration code. Please fix my computer.

  16. Techie says:

    to the idiots posting “ultimatums” here:

    This isn’t the site of the virus manufacurers. It is a site / blog for REMOVAL instructions of this virus. You are making yourselves look like idiots by making demands to the wrong people here.

  17. psc0425 says:

    I guess people can’t read.

  18. gökhan başköylü says:

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  20. aj says:

    this sucker is sooo dangerous it shut out
    access to taskbar

  21. başköylü says:

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  23. ki says:

    ive got this annoying thing very fake called system security. it says that there are lots of virus’ on my PC, but i know that there arent any. There is also no way to uninstall it, ive tried everything that i could. Could anyone please help me out here?

  24. ugghh says:

    i’m so mad! i had this and got rid of it, and not it’s here again, and i can’t find the site that i used to get rid of it before! blast! i’ll try to link it if i can find it again, guys.

  25. Ayame says:

    I believe I got this from a website called “airmp3.com”. I am still trying to get rid of it, but I can’t find any of the files you listed.

  26. r johnson says:

    i am loving these comments it is obvious that u people r not computer savy.with these virus’ it ‘s like being stalked. i suggest moving and having the guts to turn the computer off by any means necessary.

  27. Kathy says:

    I, too, am plagued by this virus. I printed out the info above on how to get rid of it but I get the message “windows cannot access the specified device path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.” It actually won’t allow me onto the Internet, either, but I somehow got on through “my computer”. Suggestions?

  28. Will Herbert says:

    I downloaded rkill and ran it. Downloaded malewarebytes and scanned. This seemed 2 remove it but my pc is very slow now. Maybe its still there? I’m gonna reset explorer and defrag(I don’t know if it’ll help)does anyone have any suggestions. I’m not a techy so I’m just wingin it through the info from blogs… Thx

  29. Wavelles says:

    if you deleted registry entries you probably deleted the way windows opens .exe files. the ones you deleted, add them back with “%1? %* as the string

  30. Steve says:

    This worked for me:
    Control-Alt-Del to get to Windows Task Manager. Everytime “ave.exe” popped up, quickly right-click it and “End Process”. You need one hand on the “ENTER” key to do it quickly.

    Download “Google Chrome” and use it instead of “Internet Explorer” as your web browser. At least you don’t activate the virus when you access the internet.

  31. Dave says:

    I have tried just about everything over the last couple of years to get rid of these fake anti-viruses. Do you want to know what works? I’ll tell you the secret. Use a boot disk, backup any files you want to keep and REFORMAT your hard drive. Then get out your restore disk and restore your computer to the way it was when you bought it!

    Trust me, It’s the only way!

  32. carmen says:

    Hey Steve! your the man, thankyou, thankyou! had this rediculous xp sh*te for days, up till all hours trying to get rid, all I did was what you suggested went into task manager did all the biso & its gone just like that, cheers!

  33. Robert says:

    Hey Steve,

    I am doing same thing you explained. My only question is if I still can use my computer to check my fanatical info (using my passwords) after I killed the ave.exe or is still there somewhere watching?
    I hope you know

  34. Katie says:

    I was able to get rid of it entirely with a system restore. Haven’t seen the XP security pop up yet so I think it worked. Good luck at all!

  35. jo taylor says:

    i had this pop up on my laptop, i genuinly thought it was real, i payed the subscription with my debit card details as soon as i clicked the link it crashed my comp
    so they havent just wrecked my laptopn which now wont switch on they also have my debit card details =(

  36. Jacki Tate says:

    XP Security is a scam……..you purchase the product and initially it appeared to have worked but you end up in a worse situation, the virus came back no sooner than the payment was made. We finally went to Staples and bought a cd ended up paying 20 bucks as there was an instant rebate of 30 dollars……..worked beautifully.

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