Zlob (Trojan.Zlob) Removal Instructions

Zlob (Trojan.Zlob) Descriptions:

Zlob, also known as Zlob.Trojan or Trojan.Zlob, is a “Backdoor Trojan” that gives the invader or attacker a bridge to remotely control your computer. By remotely controlling your computer, it allows them to install all kind of malicious softwares to your computer. It can also delete and modify files, and put your privacy in danger.

Technically, a Trojan, or Trojan horse, is a piece of software codes or scripts that seems to perform one thing but does something else. It is not a computer virus by itself. However, it can open a door for wealth of computer viruses or spywares to be installed on targeted machines.

Zlob.Trojan is known to install fake anti-spyware program such as IE Defender, AntiVirGear, VirusProtect, SpyCrush and SpyLocked. Therefore, it’s very critical to remove Zlob from from your computer if it was infected. You can try our recommended SpyHunter* Spyware Detection Utility, which is very intuitive and highly efficient. Zlob or Zlob.Trojan can be removed automatically. However, if you are familiar with registry edit and dll files in Windows, we strongly recommend you to try Zlob manual removal instructions. It might take time and patience, but it is equally effective if you get it right.

As always, we will constantly update the instructions to combat against Zlob or Zlob.Trojan / Trojan.Zlob. Please feel free to post comments if you have any questions or suggestions regarding Zlob. This is a great community and I am sure that you would find the answers. Good luck!

Manual Removal Instructions:

Stop Zlob Processes:

(Learn how to stop a process)

Unregister Zlob DLL Files:
(Learn how to do this)
iesplg.dll (new)
iesbpl.dll (new)
vzfhprk.dll (new)
hymww.dll (new)

Remove Zlob Registry Values:
(Learn how to delete a registry value)
Software\Microsoft\Windows \CurrentVersion \Explorer\SharedTaskScheduler\{aed6f6a3-183c-488d-9f90-23db99f56e7f}
Software\Microsoft\Windows \CurrentVersion \Explorer\SharedTaskScheduler\{634be415-da12-496b-b89e-329b73c4807f}
Software\Microsoft\Windows \CurrentVersion \Explorer\SharedTaskScheduler\{8329660f-e248-4872-98cc-fb9c4fec7ba8}
SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\Windows \CURRENTVersion \POLICIES\EXPLORER\RUN\C:\Windows \System32\issrch.exe
SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows \CurrentVersion \Explorer\SharedTaskScheduler\{2016a466-91a2-43c6-97d8-2fd380f065ef}

Find and Delete these Zlob Files:
(Learn how to do this)
iesplg.dll (new)
iesbpl.dll (new)
vzfhprk.dll (new)
hymww.dll (new)

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  1. Cody says:

    i have the virus by donwloading a fake videocodec man i feel so stupid!

    aww whatever
    i deleted the program and now i am trying to delete the system icon….

    it is more difficult than i thought….

    darn,,,,, not granted….

  2. Beigeman says:

    yeh i managed to get it off a fake video codec too, “video ax object” or sutmhing
    i have:
    i can get rid of them because every time i cklose the process they restart and i dont have enough time to delete them, the avoid my antispyware by constantly closing and opening again im not sure how, andone with any ideas email me at “beige_boring@tiscali.co.uk” thanks

  3. Chris says:

    have done my best deleted alot of random files that like 10 spy detecters have told me but some still show it, it is really hard since i cant register for spyhunter email me @ chrisp_2004@hotmail.com if you could give a little bit more help – cheers Chris

  4. Tim says:

    Chris and Beigeman,
    You may want to try here http://www.xp-vista.com/spyware-removal/spylocked-removal-instructions ,there are a lot more comments on how to remove Spylocked and Zlob.Trojan

  5. justin says:

    i have iesplg.dll i downloaded a fake vid app. i have deleted most of itand its the only thing left, my home screen goes to iesafetylist .com when i try to start explorer. when i try to delete it, it tells me i dont have permission, i have vista. anything will help.

  6. Mae says:

    Please help, I got spycrushed, but I think I have that removed. But i’ve done scans with spyhunter and it keeps saying I have a bunch of cookies and the Zlob.trojan iesplg.dll. I found the file that it was located in, and managed to delete the whole folder, but it still shows everytime when I run a scan (and it says it’s in that folder I deleted). Under item name in spyhunter it lists a small icon with a little triangle with !. how do I get rid of this?? please?

  7. Iesplg.dll says:

    Make sure you computer is not plugged into the internet or you won’t be able to delete lesplg.dll

    I win I gotrid of zlob and spylocked without spending any money ha ha ha!


  8. scuba says:

    Hi i have a Zlob that keeps on attacking my Mozilla files. My Anti-virus keeps blocking it but it keeps appearing on my blocked notification screen. The file is clearly on my computer somewhere but i cant find it anywhere? The report file information on my anti-virus says this…..

    C:\Documents and Settings\ibm user\local settings\application data\ mozilla\ firefox\profiles\ ovguga31.default\cache.tra

    I have tried to find this file but i doesnt seem to exist??
    How do i elimnate this annoying re-occurrance?

  9. Brian says:

    mine is a kdid entry into the registry that returns everytime i close and reopen internet explorer. I have searched for and deleted all known files and other registry entries but i am afraid that somehow it attached itself to internet explorer so for now i am using firefox. All my virus does is everytime i use a search engine it gives me the normal results then when i click on one of them it takes me to another search page with other results i can get around it by copy and pasting the links for the results but it gets annyoying any help would be great get at me at brianclanton@yahoo.com

  10. Bruce says:

    hope this helps someone: after deleting files and cookies and some obvious registry values, I used SureDelete to delete the primary DLL on next boot (ddllup.dll) because I could not unregister it with regsvr32 /u. It came back again and again until I ran the Avenger (http://swandog46/geekstogo/avenger.zip) along with the script videoactive.txt (size 13644 bytes). Best wishes,this one is a pain that was neither caught & fixed by Symantec AV or ClamWin (latest versions).

  11. Evan says:


    I stuffed I’m a kid on my lap top downlaoded fake video codec. Got zlob and some other viruses and cant get rid of them. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! My email is evan256714@hotmail.com if any 1 sends me spam I’ll hunt you down. PLEASE HELP again. Bye cya.

  12. Reece says:


    I have downloaded Spyhunter and have located the zlob virus but i need to buy spyhunter for it to delete the virus. I am hopeless at doing it manually so if any one could help me please email me at reece-4@hotmail.com

    is there a way for me to use someone elses registered version of Spyhunter?

  13. jessica says:

    Going with what Reece said, SpyHunter easily detected the files, but I can’t delete them. My spyware cleaner & virus protection haven’t been working lately and this makes it worse. I’d pay for SpyHuner, but I’m not using a credit card over the internet when it’ll be entirely easy for it to get stolen.
    I attempted to do it manually, but I can’t seem to get it all. I’ve also tried two other programs & a virus program…both found things, but less than half of them. No viruses were found…but I need this gone.

    Anyone care to help?
    Quickly if possible…I’ve spent over 6 hours working on this thing. -_-; =[

    Please e-mail me

    I’m hoping someone can help…else I’ll end up paying someone to fix this and probably loose all my information again knowing the people who fix it.

    So eternal thanks to anyone who can help!


  14. Concerned says:

    I got Zlob somehow, and now I have a lot of viruses/spyware that I can’t remove. I want to reformat the computer but I have a lot of files I can’t risk losing. Is there any way to keep these files without damaging the computer even more and keeping the files virus/trojan-free?

  15. Justin says:

    After a recent reformat I contracted Trojan.Zlob aka Zlob. I just wanted to note that none of the Class ID’s, Registry Entries, Processes ~OR~ DLL files listed on ANY pages I’ve seen so far match the files in my Zlob encounter. I generally know what I’m doing at this point (as I’ve only just discovered that this Trojan has a name and an ‘MO’) though I haven’t succeeded I just want to make a few notes.

    Like I said none of the files listed on these pages match the ones that are on my machine, they are present however I just used SpyHunter to scan for them and HijackThis to discover which of the Zlob DLL are hooked into which of the Windows Processes. I compiled a general list of Registry Branches / Keys to check as well as using the Class ID’s / File Names of the offending files from the scanners to more likely pinpoint my specific case. Anyway, that’s *all* beside the point.

    What I wanted to mention was that although there are grossly unattractive lists of DLL’s / Processes / Registry Keys / etc – it is my belief that this type of Virus is meant to be unpredictable – I don’t believe there to be a set collection of Filenames / DLL / etc that you can check against. It generates new names and new files when it infects and I think the biggest advice I could give anyone with this problem is instead of looking for the quick fix (cause you’re likely to overlook a lot if you’re only expecting a little) take a second to scan your machine with a good scanner, scan your processes and discover which dll’s tie into them (infected ones that is) and then go about the registry and dll process hooks and all that. It will be time better spent effectively succeeding in one (fail) swoop than banging your head against the desk when time after time the stupid dll hooks and files keep reappearing.

    That is all.

  16. Kyle says:

    Hey guys if you are having trouble removing zlob then i suggest spyboy search and destroy. Its free and it got rid of it for me. Along with 15 other spyware programs on my computer.

  17. boogie says:

    Zlob was created by one of those Anti-Virus Manufacturers.

  18. Ozloblenka says:

    I’ve checked several security websites and stats from antivirus labs; Zlob trojan is in top #3 of currently most active threats on the Web.

  19. michael w. fuller says:

    live in los angeles, ca. every 5 weeks i have to deal with a serious virus, but this one takes the cake (or my computer). i’ve read where someone would like to kill this person, i say no let him rot in maximum security prison with laxative in their food, every meal(for reasons that they killed my computer with their stupid virus)
    i’m stuck in a wheelchair and my ears ring 24/7. (cerebral palsy and tinitus, nine tears and ciunting.)and no freinds to speak of and the family doesn’t want anything to do with me either, and at 51 1/2 amost 52 by less than two months well, wake up fool and get with reality, would you like to deal with all i’m dealing with??? i could go on and on but i’ll stop here for now.
    eternity well i got some news for the so and so, you opened a bad door that you can’t return

  20. Gary Cooney says:

    Maybe instead of whining about all the Trojans, viruses etc. you should buy a Mac, although I think there are a lot of people who like to brag about how many viruses they’ve had and how they got rid of them.

  21. Jase says:

    Yeah, but it’s a risk/reward thing.

    IF we bought a mac, we wouldn’t get too many viruses, but then, we wouldn’t be able to do anything fun, either.

    either way, I just got it, and all it’s done so far is prevent me from using System Restore.

  22. Wally C says:

    I too found I had downloaded a fake codec and now it’s putting lots of desktop.ini’s in most of my folders. This causes boot.com to be reloaded everytime I open the folder. I feel very stupid because I’m a programmer by profession.

    The solution? It’s not easy to do. I’ve found two pieces of FREE software from sysinternals (you can download them free from the Microsoft developer network website).

    The firts is called ‘Process Explorer’. This shows ALL processes (programs) running on your machine – even the ones that are ‘hidden’. It also allows you to kill them – but depending on what you kill you can either cause your machine to crash or if you kill the trojan but don’t kill the root then it will just come back.

    The second is call ‘Process Monitor’. This allows you to monitor ALL activity thats going on in your machine. You can even log everything from boot up – and it shows parent processes too (the ones that cause the trojan to reappear). But be warned if you do a full logging of boot up the log can grow up to almost 2 Gigabytes. But it will allow you to find the source of the trojan and then remove it from the registry so you can then remove all the other things that it starts without them restarting again once you kill them.

    But a word of warning. If you’re not comfortable editing the Windows registry then please please please get someone competent to do it for you because you can do a hell of a lot of damage if you don’t know what youre doing.

    Good luck.

  23. Omegamon says:

    I have Trojan.Zlob.G and it does nothing to my computer, because my firewall stops it from working, but i can’t locate the file in any way.

  24. Thomas says:

    my comp have Trojan.Zlob.G but my firewall cannot block it then what i need to do??

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