PRISM Virus Removal Guide

PRISM Virus is a ransomware infection that attacks computers located in the United States of America. The virus tries to convince users that it has been sent by the police or some other law enforcement agency in the US. In reality, it is just the opposite. It is a computer virus sent by the cyber criminals to steal your money and sensitive information. Once you this virus has infected your computer, it will lock the system and display a threatening message. These are the same tactics used by other ransomware infections such as United States Courts Virus, Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section Virus, Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security Virus, and others. If you see this virus on your computer, then it is vital that you remove it immediately.

PRISM Virus infiltrates computers by using Trojan horses. When it does this, it will be unnoticed by your security program. Once inside, it will change essential registry entries in your computer. Thus, it will lock your computer and make it impossible for your to access any of your files or programs. You will not be able to even launch your antivirus program. You will only be able to see the threatening message that has been displayed by the virus. Here is an excerpt:

Your computer has been locked due to suspicion of illegal content downloading and distribution.
In order to resolve the situation in an above-mentioned way you should pay a fine of $300

According to the message, you have been accused of illegally downloading and distributing copyrighted content. In order to regain access to your PC and avoid prosecution, you must pay a fine in the amount of $300. Of course, this is nothing but a scam. This is not a legitimate representative of the police. It is quite the opposite as it has been sent by hackers to steal your money and sensitive information. Do not share any of your details or pay any amount of money to this virus. Paying will not result in getting your computer unlocked or removing the virus, you will only give money to cyber criminals.

Another thing that PRISM Virus can do is to open backdoors in your computer’s security. This will make it extremely easy for other infections to enter your computer. Malware, spyware, scamware, and other viruses will enter your computer and try to acquire as much of your sensitive information as they can and send it to cyber criminals. And you will have no way of knowing that this is happening, too, because your system will be locked. It is crucial to your information’s security that you remove PRISM Virus from your computer as soon as possible.

Do not attempt to remove the virus manually as it may lead to damaging of files or even a fatal system crash. Also, with manual removal you can never be certain that you have removed all infections.

We strongly recommend that you use an automatic security tool, such as SpyHunter, to do the job for you. It is a reliable and effective tool that will take care of the problem in a sure and swift way. It will scan your system and remove all intruders.

Follow the appropriate guide below to help you remove all infections from your PC.

Windows Vista or Windows 7:
1. Restart the PC.
2. As soon as BIOS loads up, repeatedly tap F8.
3. Select Safe Mode with Networking from Advanced Boot Menu by using the arrow keys.
4. Tap Enter.
5. Download and install SpyHunter.
6. Launch the application and run a full system scan.

Windows XP:
1. Restart the PC.
2. Immediately start tapping the F8 key.
3. Select Safe Mode with Networking from Advanced Boot Menu by using the arrow keys.
4. Tap Enter.
5. An alert will appear on your Desktop, click Yes.
6. Go to the Start menu and launch RUN.
7. Type msconfig in the box and click OK.
8. In the System Configuration Utility click on the Startup tab.
9. Select Disable All and click OK.
10. Download SpyHunter.
11. Start the PC in a normal mode and install the application.
12. Launch the program and run a full system scan.

Windows 8:
1. Restart the PC.
2. Past the BIOS Screen, hold Shift and repeatedly tap F8.
3. On the Recovery screen, click See Advanced Repair Options.
4. Go to Troubleshoot.
5. Open Advanced Options, then go to Windows Startup Settings.
6. Restart the PC.
7. You will see the old the Advanced Boot Option screen.
8. Choose Safe Mode with Networking.
9. Download SpyHunter and install it.
10. Launch the application and run a full system scan.
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  1. Hubert Cunniffe says:

    Since my computer is locked by PRISM malware I don’t know how I could use it to download and install SpyHunter. I am able to get to Safe Mode With Networking but there is no capability apparent to me to do any download. I have another “clean” computer.

  2. Linda Jackson says:

    Hey Hubert,

    Since PRISM malware is very hard to be removed, you must create a new user for the infected machine and login there. Thus, PRISM will not load and you can download Spyhunter and clean the computer successfully. Please follow these steps to do that:

    1. Start the computer in “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”.

    2. Enter the following command and hit the Enter key:
    net user [username] [password] /add
    example: net Adam 123456 /add

    This will create a new user account with a name and password chosen by you.

    3. Enter the following command and hit the Enter key:
    net localgroup administrators [username] /add
    example: net localgroup administrators Adam /add

    4. Restart the computer in Normal Mode and log in the newly created account. You will not see PRISM screen now. But it is still active under the other accounts. Once you access the new account, download SpyHunter from here:

    Run a full scan and it will find and remove PRISM malware.


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