Wisen Wizard Removal Guide

Wisen Wizard is a browser add-on which is downloaded to computers without being noticed and takes full control over the users’ browsers. The application is reported to take users to unknown web pages that belong to third-parties. The tool receives a commission for increasing the traffic to these sites. This is why it is recommended that you remove the application from your computer as soon as possible, before it has given cyber criminals free access to your PC and information.

Wisen Wizard is an adware tool which is attached to the browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It changes result in making Wisen Wizard a default search provider and its site is made the new home page used for the browser. Then, this tool becomes the sole manager of the browsing sessions of the user. The application is free to take its users to unknown web sites and these pages may be malicious or compromised. If you are redirected to an insecure web site, your PC may be targeted by cyber criminals and they may soon manage to steal your sensitive information.

In case that you have Wisen Wizard adware on your PC, your system and information will be exposed to attacks of cyber criminals and their harmful creations. Security experts warn that cyber criminals would do anything to take control over your personal an financial details and steal them. Their only aim is to steal your money and online accounts credentials. Wisen Wizard will produce pop-up ads and will also include sponsored links in your search results. Due to the control of the program, you will be unable to manage your own web sessions. In order to protect your computer and information from being attacked by hackers and to gain back control over your browser, you are advised to remove the potentially unwanted program from your computer.

To get rid of Wisen Wizard, it is advised that you follow the steps of the removal guide shown below. Apply its instructions and remove the hijacker from your computer. Then, you have to check the system for compromised files and intruders. To do that, use an automatic malware detection program and check the PC with it. Delete any found infected files completely and clean the computer from attackers effectively.

How to remove Wisen Wizard from the browser:
1. Open Windows Start Menu and then go to the Control Panel.
2. Choose the option “Uninstall a Program” (or “Add and remove a program”).
3. Remove the hijacker from the list with installed applications using the option “Uninstall/Remove”.

Change the settings of your browser so that you do not use the services of the hijacker and you browse the net safely.

Remove the add-on from Internet Explorer:
1. Go to Tools and open Manage add-ons.
2. Open the Toolbars and Extensions tab.
3. Find the potentially unwanted program in the list with installed add-ons and remove it.
4. Click on Tools and open “Add-on types”, then go to “ Search Providers”.
5. Set a new search provider that is reliable and effective.
6. Click on the “Set as default” option to save the changes.

Remove the add-on from Google Chrome:
1. Click on the wrench icon and go to Tools and then open Extensions.
2. Delete the toolbar from the list with installed add-ons.
3. Open “Settings” from the menu in the upper right corner.
4. Go to “Appearance” and mark the option “ Show Home button”, then click on Change.
5. Choose “Use the New Tab page” and save the changes.
6. Go to “Settings” and then open “Manage Search Engines”.
7. Remove the search provider you do not want to use.
8. Choose a different search engine.

Remove the add-on from Mozilla Firefox:
1. Press Ctrl+Shift+A and open “Extensions and Plugins”.
2. Find the toolbar and delete it.
3. In the search bar type about:config and press Enter.
4. Choose “I’ll be careful, I promise!” on the displayed warning.
5. In the search box, type the name of the add-on and press Enter.
6. Reset all of the entries in which the name of the hijacker is mentioned.
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